Recipes » Perfect Mess Free Corn on the Cob in 4 minutes

Perfect Mess Free Corn on the Cob in 4 minutes

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Want perfect, mess free corn on the cob in 4 minutes flat?! Look no further- here is the easiest corn on the cob recipe you’ve ever encountered.

The best part about this recipe is that you don’t have to spend time shucking the corn, which is a great time-saver!

How to Make Perfect Mess Free Corn on the Cob in 4 minutes

You’ll Need:

Fresh Ears of Corn on the Cob
Butter, as desired
Salt & Pepper as Desired

Place the whole entire ear of corn (unshucked) in the microwave. Cook for exactly 4 minutes. Remove from microwave. Cut off the Blunt (fat) end of the ear of corn.


Grasp the corn at the top of the ear (the pointy end) with oven gloves or a potholder (because it’s hot, silly!)


It should look like this:


Now grasp the ear of corn at the narrow end, and gently squeeze the corn, pushing it out of the ear like a freezer pop.


Be sure to use a potholder or Ove’ gloves so you don’t get burned on the hot corn!

Perfect Mess Free Corn on the Cob in 4 minutes

The corn will pop out easily, mess free, no silk and perfectly steamed. Roll in butter, season lightly and enjoy!



You can cook multiple ears of corn at once, just adjust the baking time accordingly. 3 Ears at once took exactly 7 minutes for us.


To keep your corn Hot until serving time, pour boiling water into a small clean cooler (like a Coleman or any other cooler brand)- let it set for 10 minutes or so to heat the cooler up. Then pour out the water, add the hot cooked corn and keep sealed for up to an hour to have Hot Fresh corn on the cob ready for all the guests at your BBQ.

Wait- Don’t throw out your corn husks- turn them into Enchanting Kitchen Witches


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