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Country Gravy Mix

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Make your own easy Country Gravy Mix to have on hand for quick, easy gravy in an instant.

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7 thoughts on “Country Gravy Mix”

  1. has anyone tried incorporating dry milk into this mixture? looks like you’d need to add 1/3 c dry milk for every T of the mix (before milk). Then you’d only need to worry about adding butter and water.

    For prep I’m thinking, you’d melt 2T butter in 1 c water. Add 2/3 c + 2 T mix to cold water. Mix till smooth.

    When butter/water is boiling, add cold water/mix all at once and whisk while cooking till thickened.

  2. i made a trial batch of this. i made up the basic mix, and then added 1/3 c dry milk for every 2 T of the mix. To make 1 c of gravy, I melted 2 T butter in 1/2 c boiling water.

    I added a heaping 1/3 c of the mix (with dry milk) to 1/2 c cold water. Whisk until there are no lumps. Then I added that to the boiling water, and whisked over medium heat until thick and smooth.

    The texture was good, but we didn’t like the bullion in it. Won’t add that again. Otherwise, it’s a pretty good mix.

  3. my husband loves biscuits and gravy, cant wait to try this. i think i will skip the bouillon also but use the dry milk. thanks everyone for the tips!!

  4. I make buttermilk biscuits and freeze them in seal a meal bags. I cook pork sausage and freeze in half pint mason jars. I now have the country gravy mix in 4 small bags.

    Early in the morning I pull every thing out and bring it to room temperature for biscuits and gravy!


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