How to Shred Chicken Fast

b101 shredded chicken hack
How to Shred Chicken Fast

Occasionally when preparing a dish it will call for shredded chicken.  Now, this generally isn’t an issue if you’re making chicken salad or another cold dish, because you can wait until it cools before shredding. However, if you are preparing a hot dish and need the chicken to remain hot while you’re shredding it, here’s how to shred chicken fast,  in under 2 minutes!

Shredded chicken Trick

How to Shred Chicken Fast

Place the cooked, boneless chicken into the bowl of your favorite stand mixer, lock in place. Insert the paddle and turn it on low. If you have a pouring/splatter shield, place it on the bowl.

How to Shred Chicken fast- even when it's hot

In less than 2 minutes you will have perfectly shredded (still hot!) chicken to use in your favorite recipe, such as shredded chicken tacos!

Shredded Chicken Tacos

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  1. Great idea the older I get the better I like to make things easy and simple. The clean-up would be easy as well. That is my kinda meal.

    Thank you.

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