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Cutting Costs with Big Families

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Many of our members have 3 more children, while our $50 weekly menus are geared towards families of 4-6, sometimes you may find yourself feeding 6-10! Here are some important tips to remember when feeding larger families:

Side Dishes go a long way: adding sides to various dishes help stretch them further and make them more filling. You don’t have to go meatless to feed your family inexpensively, but you may need to rethink how you shop!

Potatoes(in various forms) are very inexpensive and easy to add in to most meals, scalloped, au gratin, twice baked, mashed, riced and more.

Rice: There are several different types of rice, we frequently use Jasmine rice as it is very light, non-sticky and has wonderful flavor without needing lots of butter or salt. Rice is healthy and filling and makes a great side for dishes that have lots of sauce in them, like sweet and sour kielbasa.

Salad– salad makes a wonderful side, is filling and is very healthy. Unfortunately, fresh vegetables can be rather expensive. The key is to take advantage of greens and veggies that are in season.

Casseroles- these types of dishes are very hearty and easy to double and triple to match larger families needs.

Soups & Stews– A wonderful, healthy way to feed large families, soups and stews are easy to prepare, pare them with fresh biscuits or cornbread for a filling meal.

If you have a large family and want to drastically reduce your grocery expense, a large freezer is a necessity, not an option!

Check out our free eBook,How to feed a family of four for under $200 a month for tips on reducing your grocery bill each month.

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