Tomato Soup Mix – Single Serving

4 tb Non-fat dry milk
2 tb Powdered dry tomatoes
1/8 ts Basil
Salt , Dash
Pepper, Dash
Measure all into jar or ziploc bag, shake to combine.

Attach Tag/Directions:
Add mix to 1 Mug of Hot water, stir, let set 2 minutes, enjoy. Serve with saltines.

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  1. When I can spaghetti sauce or whatever and I dip the tomatoes in hot water and then cold water to remove the skins, I then pat the skins as dry as I can on paper towels and spread the skins in the dehydrator dehydrator. After they are very dry/brittle, I give them a whirl in the spice/coffee grinder and I have my own tomato powder from what I used to throw away. Just a little FYI

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