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E-Z Does IT Azian

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This is so easy it’s almost sinful:

Saucepan or pot adequate to cook RAMEN NOODLES
Electric non-stick or non-stick stir-fry pan, non-stick frying pan USED to combine all ingriedients prior to tossing with cooked RAMEN NOODLES (once prepped)

I have used everything from store bought cooked shrimp,
frozen cleaned shrimp, chicken tenders, leftover chicken fingers,
leftover steak, fresh steak(sirloin-NYstrip) cut according to servings expected
but none bigger than bite size

I have used plain/unseasoned ASIAN Style frozen vegetables; leftover seasoned vegetables broccoli/ carrots/ squash/mushrooms or the seasoned steamer variety packs/ boxed frozen asian style, vegetables, also sliced and jarred peppers, fresh tomato, almost anything goes…with equal success.

A great thing to have but is optional is (sesame oil) all you need is 1/4 teaspoon added to any other oil
you might have on hand for that asian cooking aroma without being too overpowering to taste…

Another trick is (fluid additions/ extender) ie.vegetable juice/ chicken broth/ teryaki sauce/ soy sauce/ hot pepper flakes(optional)

1 packet seasoning pack per 2 cellophane noodle bags.

Prepare all items beginning with the most raw/fresh and stir fry until somewhat tender, you don’t want to overcook the vegetables, I add any of the fluid “trick” extenders not to have a dry sticky result. Don’t be afraid to taste after meat is browned cooked thoroughly, to determine if a little pinch more of seasoning is required. I have occasionally added brown sugar, sweet and low, and even a little cornstarch mixed in cold water to thicken a too juicy result.

I have NEVER had a failure. Maybe because the RAMEN NOODLES are so delicious on their own. Anyway it comes out like you really needed more time than the actual prep-serve-time.
In fact it probably took me longer to type this!

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