Just Middles- The best part of the Cinnamon Roll

just middles
Camping Breakfast Ideas

“Just Middles” is a variation of our family’s favorite cinnamon roll recipe. However, We were camping and we didn’t exactly have space to attempt to roll out the cinnamon rolls, so I came up with this idea instead.

You’ll Need

Combine the quick mix and milk until it forms a soft dough. Spread 1/2 of the dough into a buttered 9×9 pan.


Pour the melted butter over the dough, use the back of a spoon to spread it evenly all over.


Sprinkle the dough liberally with cinnamon sugar.

Add remaining dough to the top in several doll-ups, spread evenly to cover the cinnamon sugar layer. Sprinkle lightly with cinnamon & sugar.


Bake at 400F for 12-15 minutes

This is a super fast, dirt cheap recipe that works well, particularly when you’re camping or working in a small kitchen.


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  1. i made this for the kids this weekend with the help of my almost 10 yr old daughter, who has suddenly decided that she needs to help me with everything I am cooking. They turned out great, the kids loved them even the extremely picky 2 yr old niece. Thanks so much for sharing.:party1:

  2. i will be trying these tomorrow morning. i have made the biscuit baking mix and have found an enormous amount of things to make with it. i never bought biscuit mix because it was so expensive, but decided to make some from scratch.

    i have been missing out on all these recipes!!! thank you!!

  3. :jar: we made this for breakfast – yummy and easy!!! my 4 yo loves to help, and this is a great recipe to get the kids involved, she could do every step with help! Thanks

  4. does anyone know if this recipe can be frozen and then thawed in the fridge overnight to bake in the morning? this is a super easy recipe that my family would love anytime! :jar:

  5. liss, i have to tell you that this recipe gets my kids up in the morning. all i have to do is say just middles and i hear the mmmm’s comming from bedrooms. this is their favorite breakfast food. thank you.:momkids:

    • Liss, I have to tell you that this recipe gets my kids up in the morning. All I have to do is say Just Middles and I hear the MMMM’s comming from bedrooms. This is their favorite breakfast food. Thank you.:momkids:

      That’s awesome, Thank you! I’m glad that your family enjoys it as much as mine. This one is our favorite when we’re camping, the kids always expect me to make it and it’s so simple. If you want to add some variations, you can add about a cup of finely chopped apple that has been mixed with a little of the cinnamon and sugar and add that in the middle layer. It changes the baking time by about 3 minutes or so, but the kids really love that too.

  6. i just made these and it was very quick and easy!
    they tasted just like the middle of the rolls and my husband wants them again.
    thank you for this website! i will be on here a lot!

  7. i would like to reproduce this recipe; of course in my own words, but you will be referenced for the original article. i thought i would ask if you have a preference for the name. like

    • just middles
    • just middles cinnamon rolls

    looks yummy and i can’t wait to try it!

  8. made these by the recipe the other night and i loved them! a little too ‘bready’ for my taste but still pretty awesome! tonight i’m making them in cupcake form and i have a feeling they are going to be amazing!


  9. this looks amazing!! can’t wait to try it out. i’m a fan of bisquick coffee cake but it’s a bit dry for people who didn’t grow up on it.

    this is so much better for everyone. thanks for posting!!

  10. I don’t know what I did to mine, but they were dry and awful. However, I thought of putting maple syrup on a serving and warmed it up. Absolutely delightful!

  11. Me and my 9yr old son made these tonight and they are so yummy!! It was great that it didn’t take many ingredients as well. We have a new favorite.

    It will be our breakfast in the morning! 😊

  12. Made these with gluten free bisquick – add an extra 1/2 cup milk to the mix if you do this otherwise the dough is too crumbly and not gooey. Looks beautiful and smells terrific! Im pretty sure I’ll enjoy it with my girlfriend in a few minutes. Thank you for the inspiration!

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