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Jailhouse Ramen Pizza

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Jailhouse Ramen Pizza is a spicy combination of ramen noodles, summer sausage, cheese and chili. It’s a strange meal with some interesting ingredients!

3-4 pkgs Ramen soups (spicy or beef flavor)
1 – Squeeze Cheese
1 – Can Chilli (no beans)
1 – Summer Sausage, sliced
Cornchips (1 c. crushed)
Sliced Jalepenos

While the ramen are still in the packages, crush them. Boil some water, once its boiling, add crushed noodles, crushed corn chips and seasoning packets that came in the ramen noodles. (Add water if needed, you’ll need just enough water to come just below the mix). (Remember you’re making a pizza crust with this!)

In a small saucepan heat up the contents of the chili can. Add it to the ramen mix, mixing thoroughly.

Press into 9×13 pan, creating a “dough” base. Top with tin foil and let set 5 minutes or so. Top with chili, squeeze cheese, summer sausage and jalepenos.


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