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Cake in a Coffee Mug

This is a wonderful recipe for single people, college kids, after school snacks, etc. They make lovely gifts and are delicious.

You’ll Need:
1 cake mix any flavor (You can use Homemade Cake Mix if you prefer)
1 ( 4 serving size) instant pudding mix , any flavor

Blend ingredients well until completely mixed. Measure ½ cup dry mix into sandwich bags, Makes 8-9) & tie it closed using ribbon.

Flavor Ideas:

    [*=left]Lemon cake mix- lemon pudding
    [*=left]Yellow cake mix- vanilla pudding
    [*=left]Devils food cake mix- chocolate pudding
    [*=left]Pineapple cake mix- coconut pudding
    [*=left]Butterscotch cake mix- butterscotch pudding

Glaze mix : In a separate bag combine the following ingredients:

1/3 cup powdered sugar
1 ½ tsp dry flavoring

( ex. powdered lemonade mix, powdered orange breakfast drink mix, cocoa powder)
In a large coffee mug place a Cake Mix & a glaze mix and attach a tag with the instructions for cooking. (You can also attach a small wire whisk using raffia or a ribbon, etc).

To Use:

Grease or spray coffee mug with cooking spray. Empty Cake Mix into mug and add 1 egg white, 1 T. Oil & 1 T water. Blend with fork until smooth. Place in microwave and cook on high for 2 minutes.

While cake is cooking add 1 ½ tsp water to glaze mix in baggie. Close and gently rub baggie until glaze is smooth. When cake is done, remove from microwave, cut a small hole in the corner of glaze packet and apply glaze to your mug cake.

Eat while warm!

Other options, pull the top half of the cake off, add a scoop of ice cream and a dollop of canned pie filling or hot fudge sauce, etc.

Other Help Items:
If you want to make the packets easier for the recipient add a couple teaspoons of Just Whites or any egg replacement powder to each individual packet or Cake “mix”. & On directions tag add an additional 1 T water to recipe & omit egg white from recipe.

For a great, inexpensive gift, grab a new mug from the dollar store, wrap 2-3 mixes in tissue paper and place them in the mug, top with a ribbon!

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