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Irish Soda Bread Mix

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This Irish soda bread is a wonderful traditional Irish quick bread with currants, caraway seeds, and honey. Here is a simple make-ahead Irish soda bread mix that is wonderful for gift giving or to whip up an Irish soda bread in just a few moments.


Is Irish Soda Bread Irish?

Irish soda bread is tender, dense, often crumbly, unleavened bread. As such, the bread is quite filling. It is often mistakenly thought that soda bread came into existence during the infamous Irish potato famine of 1845 when the blight hit the potato crops. While it makes for a good story, it’s just a myth.

Soda bread recipes were previously published in The Gentlemen’s Magazine in 1817, as well as by Mary Randolph in The Virginia Housewife in 1824. Baking soda was first introduced in Ireland during the 1840s, which is how the rumor began. Thus the inexpensive Irish soda bread was born. 

Traditional Irish soda bread consists of just four simple ingredients, flour, salt, baking soda, and buttermilk. Sodium bicarbonate (also known as baking soda) is the leavening agent, rather than the more traditional bread leavening agent, yeast.


Spotted Dog Irish Soda Bread Mix

Spotted dog is another version of soda bread, but with the addition of fruit and caraway seeds to make it “spotted”.  While not a traditional Irish recipe, it is the more widely prepared in the United States in celebration of St. Patricks day. In truth, when Irish soda bread was at its most popular, people couldn’t afford to add dried fruit or seasonings. 

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