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Peppered Jerky Bread Machine Mix

Create your own peppered jerky bread machine mix to have on hand in the pantry to throw together on a moments notice for a delectable snack loaf loaded with flavor. Stop spending a fortune on those premade mixes, making your own is simple!!

Peppered jerky bread machine mix contains flour, brown sugar, shredded beef jerky and various seasonings. To prepare a homemade bread maker mix, combine the dry ingredients in a jar and attach a tag with instructions for finishing the recipe.

b101 peppered jerky bread machine mix

While the original peppered beef or venison jerky works really well in this recipe, consider switching the jerky out for pepperoni for a delicious change of pace.

peppered jerky mix 1
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Bread Machine Note: The Bread machine that I used for the bread (displayed in the photo) is the West Bend High Rise (dual paddle) model. Although this recipe should work fine in any Bread Machine.

How to Prepare Peppered Jerky Bread Mix, without a Bread Machine

Don’t have a Bread machine?– Here are the directions for making it by hand or with a stand mixer.

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1 thought on “Peppered Jerky Bread Machine Mix”

  1. I make and sell these at craft fairs around the holidays!

    I have a variety of bags with different amounts and types of jerky in them – my favorite is beef with black pepper but I also try turkey, chicken, pork and buffalo too– until one day it all comes together.

    The key ingredient? Well it’s not the flour or sugar or any other dry mix-ins–the secret ingredient that will separate your jerky bread machine mix from all others is homemade jerky.

    I’m so excited when I finally come up with the name for my new line of mixes: Jerky Bread Machine Mixes by Jada Rosenwald! It sounds like such an easy thing to do, but years ago there was no such thing as these pre-made mixes. They’re great sellers at craft shows


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