Bountiful Harvest – Make your own Groceries

Bountiful Harvest – Make your own Groceries

One of the best ways to save money is to make your own groceries. Chances are, if you look in your own cupboards or pantry right now you have a few factory canned items such as tomatoes, jams or jellies and canned fruit. Not only are these items heavily laden with salt and sugar, but they are also so over-processed they no longer have decent flavor. Here are several of my favorite home canning recipes, step by step, with photographs.

watermelon rind picklesMYO: Watermelon Rind Pickles– these delightful pickles taste a bit like cinnamon apples, so much so that my son didn’t believe me when I told him they were made from a watermelon!
salsaMYO Zesty Fiesta Salsa – Choose from 3 levels of Spice- Mild, Tongue Tingler and Who Needs a Liver?
relishMYO Zucchini Relish- aka “Gwam’s Relish”. This is the recipe that my kids look forward to every summer. You’d never think kids would beg for their veggies- but with this one, they sure do!
picklesMYO Mustard Pickles– Tangy Mustard pickles that you’ll crave every year
dill picklesSuper Easy Homemade Dill Pickles – this is a quick recipe that requires no skill, it’s perfect for teaching kids how to can, or for shocking the relatives that didn’t know you could cook
prepare peachesHow to Prepare Peaches for Canning or Freezing – a do it yourself guide to preparing the summer’s bounty without losing flavor or freshness
harvest peach jamMYO Harvest Peach Jam– a fragrant blend of peaches and spices that will melt in your mouth. Excellent on toast, biscuits, nut breads, crackers and more. For a quick hors d’oeuvre cut a block of cream cheese in half on a small plate and pour a Jar of Peach jam on top. Serve with crackers.
peach delightMYO Peach Delight – This thick sauce is perfect on Pancakes, Ice Cream, warm biscuits, as a topping for pound cake, or in filled cookies.
peach pie fillingMake Ahead Peach Pie Filling – Enjoy a fresh peach pie any time of year with this easy to make ahead recipe
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