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MYO Oven Baked Fries

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Oven baked fries are so simple to make and have the best flavor ever. The trick is to use a bit of melted bacon fat (just a dab will do!) and to season them before they go into the oven, rather than after.

Also, you don’t want to skip the soaking part. In addition to removing excess potato starch, soaking peeled, washed, and cut fries in ice water keeps fries from adhering together while ensuring maximum crispness. Also, adding a teaspoon of salt to the water results in extra-crispy fries.

These days, air fryers are pretty popular. This recipe does really well in an air fryer too. I use a pastry brush to add just a touch of bacon fat to the fries. It seems to work the best for me.
raw fries

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1 thought on “MYO Oven Baked Fries”

  1. I’ve never made oven baked fries (or any other kind of fries) using bacon fat. To be perfectly honest, that’s a fabulous idea! Waste not, want not, or so my mum used to say.


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