Gift Basket Meals

gift basket meals
Gift Basket Meals

Each year it seems to get increasingly more difficult to find gifts for all of those on our holiday list. Do you find yourself wondering what to give those households of Aunts, Uncles, Nieces, Nephews, cousins, etc in your family?


How about a delicious Meal-in-a-basket! Easy, Inexpensive Gift Ideas for Entire Families….. or.. Want an Idea for Individuals, take a peek at our Mug Mixes.

No need to purchase gifts individually when you can create an easy basket the entire family can enjoy!


This particular “basket” was done as a Hostess Gift for a Christmas Party. It contains various cookie mix recipes & Dip Mixes

1. Breakfast Meal Family Gift Basket Idea
2. College Survival Gift Basket Idea
3. Cookie Monster Family Gift Basket Idea
4. Country Comfort Family Dinner Gift Basket Idea
5. Delightful Family Dessert Gift Basket
6. Family Snack Gift Basket Idea
7. Gingerbread Joy Family Gift Basket Idea
8. Healthy Vegetarian Basket
9. Italian Meal Family Gift Basket
10. Family Pizza Night Gift Basket Idea
11. Salad Gift Basket Idea
12. South-Western Style Family Gift Basket

Need Ideas for Gift Containers? Try These!

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