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MYO Homemade Tater Tots

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Tater tots were a staple food in most of my friend’s homes growing up. These little bites of crispy goodness are simple to make ahead of time at home to have on hand for a quick side to any meal.

Homemade tater tots are really easy to make and have a better texture than the store-bought ones that are often laden with unnecessary sugar and preservatives.


Before we start this recipe, we’re going to give you a lesson in potatoes. Why? Because this recipe will not come out right if you use the wrong kind of potato.

A Lesson in Potatoes

There are 2 Categories of potatoes- Mealy and Waxy.

Mealy potatoes include Idaho’s, Russet, Burbanks, Russet Arcadia, Norgold Russet, Goldrush, Norkotah, and Long White. You’ll know them because they are Thick skinned, they’re very high in starch.

Waxy potatoes – Round White, Round Red, Yellow Potato, Red skin Potato and Salad Potatoes, Waxy potatoes are high in moisture, high in natural sugars, but very low in starch and have a very thin skin. For recipes requiring shredded potatoes such as this homemade tater tot recipe or homemade hashbrowns, you’ll want to use a Low starch, thin-skinned, “waxy” potato; otherwise, it will turn a nasty gray color during cooking.

Homemade Tater Tots

You’ll Need:
8 med. Waxy potatoes, cooked and peeled
4 rounded tbsp. flour
Dash pepper
1 tsp. salt
Canola oil

Finely shred the potatoes or use ricer while potatoes are hot. Stir in flour, salt, and pepper. (Avoid mashing them as they take on a doughy/starchy texture).

Heat 1/4″ oil in a heavy pan. Form into small balls ( a cookie dough scoop works great for this!!) and drop into oil. Fry till slightly golden.

Drain on paper towels, Cool then freeze.

To Reheat quickly:

Bake in a single layer on a baking sheet at 400F till crispy

Optional Flavor Add-ins/ Variations:

  • 1 Tbs Fresh Chopped Chives


  • 1 Tbs. Chipotle Pepper


  • 1 finely chopped jalapeno (seeds removed!)

What are your favorite seasonings for your homemade Tater’ Bites?

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11 thoughts on “MYO Homemade Tater Tots”

  1. just wanted to say my family loves these. i made them 2 weeks ago with chicken tenders for the kids dinner one night that the DH was going to be late coming in from the road. I even hated tater tots before trying these, the poor kids never got them at home because I hated them just that much.

    Now we are having them again tonight and I will definitely be making extras to freeze and reheat for my lunches during the school weeks.

  2. i’ve made these too… my only suggestion is to slightly undercook the potatoes, or it’s easy to end up with mashed potatoes instead.

  3. when the recipes calls for cooked and peeled potatoes, what exactly is that? is it a baked potato that has been peeled or boiled potatoes like you would make before you mash them for mashed potatoes or? what level of cooked-ness are we aiming for?

    thanks for any info, i don’t usually make things like this but i know everyone in the house would love these.

  4. i am going to make these tomorrow!
    they sound so good and i hate to buy them unless they are on sale, in a moment of weakness!! great idea and i love any reason to use my antique ricer!! thanks so much.:2cents:


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