Brown Sugar

Brown sugar is incredibly simple to make and requires only ingredients.. so the next time that you run out in the middle of a recipe, never fear, you can make your own with minimal effort.
In a small bowl combine the following ingredients and mix well until thoroughly combined.

2 T. molasses
1 C. granulated sugar
This makes 1 cup of light brown sugar.

To make 1 cup of dark brown sugar, combine the following ingredients in a small bowl and mix well until thoroughly combined:

3 Tbs Molasses
1 c. Granulated sugar

Blend together using a fork, store in airtight container.

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  1. wow!!! this is so good to know! brown sugar could be pricey sometimes in my opinion.

    and this is also great to know because i dont know how many times i have ran out of brown sugar and needed it for a recipe!! thank you so much! love your websites!

  2. This is a good tip, but not all molasses is the same. I buy blackstrap molasses, and it takes less than half as much. I think this tip is OK for light molasses.

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