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Condensed Soup Mix

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Condensed Soup Mix

2 c Nonfat dry milk
3/4 c Cornstarch
2 tb Dried minced onion flakes
1/2 ts Pepper
1/4 c Instant chicken bouillon
Or other flavor
1 t Crushed basil — optional
1 t Crushed thyme — optional

Combine all ingredients, mixing well. Store in airtight container. This makes 3 cups of mix, the equivalent to about 9 cans of soup.

To use: combine 1/3 cup of mix with 1 1/4 cups of water in saucepan. Cook and stir until thickened or add mix and water to browned and drained casserole meat and cook in skillet or saucepan with other casserole ingredients or use instead of canned soup in any casserole.
This mix has about 1/3 the calories and sodium as purchased condensed soup.

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10 thoughts on “Condensed Soup Mix”

  1. would i use this recipe for “cream of” soups? ie: cream of broccoli – by just adding blenderized broccoli to the recipe?
    can’t find a cream of recipe here, but i’m new, so maybe i’ve missed it.


  2. this is right up my alley. i think store bought cans of soup is too salty. also, living in rural usa it’s not every day i go to town…so for me, it can be made right at home.

  3. this is excellent! whatever “cream of” soup you want, just add the ingredient you need to the soup….such as mushrooms. i cook with a little sodium as possible and this recipe qualifies!

  4. Does this mixed up equal the can concentrated or the actual soup? For an example I have a recipe the requires one can of cream of chicken. No extra water or anything.

    Is this what I would use with the 1 1/4c water? Or less water?


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