Sugar Free Instant Rice Pudding Mix in a Jar

Make your own Sugar Free Instant Rice Pudding Mix and stock up your pantry with heavenly dessert mixes that will save you money on your grocery bill.

1 package sugar-free instant vanilla pudding
3/4 cup Instant rice
3 TBSP. raisins
1/4 tsp. cinnamon

Combine all in a jar, vacuum seal bag, or ziploc bag.

Attach directions:
Sugar-Free Instant Rice Pudding

In a saucepan combine Mix 3 cups of milk, whisk over medium-high heat,
Bringing it to a boil. Remove from heat, Cover, & leave it alone for five
minutes. Serve hot or cold, sprinkle a dash or cinnamon or nutmeg over the top.

3 thoughts on “Sugar Free Instant Rice Pudding Mix in a Jar”

  1. as a diabetic, this is a great recipe. i simply love rice pudding. should be less expensive than packaged sugarfree rice pudding.


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