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Rum Raisin Popcorn

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Rum Raisin Popcorn

1 cup firmly packed light brown sugar
1/2 cup light corn syrup
3 tablespoons butter
2 teaspoons rum extract
12 cups popped corn
2 cups raisins

Lightly butter a cookie sheet.

In a heavy saucepan, combine brown sugar, corn syrup and butter . Place over medium-high heat. Cook, stirring often until sugar dissolves. Continue to boil gently, without stirring, until a candy thermometer reaches 280 degrees F (syrup separates into hard, but not brittle, threads when dropped into very cold water).

Remove from heat and stir in rum extract. Pour over popcorn and raisins. Spread out evenly on the prepared cookie sheet. Cool and break into small pieces.

Makes about 14 cups.

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1 thought on “Rum Raisin Popcorn”

  1. 5 stars
    Though I am not typically one for Rum Raisin flavored things, I decided to give this recipe a try because it sounded interesting and I love popcorn. I am so glad that I did because it was absolutely delicious! The Rum Raisin flavor was subtle but present, and it paired perfectly with the sweetness of the raisins. The popcorn was also nice and crunchy, which is how I like it. Overall, this Rum Raisin Popcorn recipe is a winner in my book and I will definitely be making it again.


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