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Dehydrating Tomatoes

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To Dehydrate:
Slice tomatoes into ¼” slices. Place on dehydrator and dry until crisp. Place dried tomato slices into blender, herb, or coffee grinder and blend until a fine powder. Use powder in a variety of dishes from soups to meatloaf.


To 1 cup of dried tomato powder, add the following….

Tomato Paste:
1¾ cup water and ½ tsp. sugar.

Tomato Sauce:
3 cups water and ½ tsp. sugar.

Tomato Juice:
3-5 cups water or to desired thickness.
Salt, pepper, to taste.

Tomato Soup:
¾ cup water, ½ cup dry milk.
Season to taste.

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8 thoughts on “Dehydrating Tomatoes”

  1. been wanting to buy a food dehydrator for a long time. finally did so. can’t wait to start using it to make some of these recipes.

  2. i love the tomatoes i grow in the summer but they can over take you when the start coming off good this is a great idea to use the leftovers and to have summer flavors all winter long

  3. what a great tip! i have hated tomatoes my whole life (im 50) but recently discovered I LOVE sun dried tomatoes. :lets-eat: I dehydrated a case last month and packed 2 jars in grapeseed oil and froze the rest in a ziplock bag.
    I’m experimenting now with other flavors like cream cheese and tomato paste topped with sundried tomatoes – YUMMY!
    Next I’m going to make tomato butter.
    I hate to think of all the beautiful tomatoes Ive past up in my life when I could of dehydrated them lol Grrrrr

  4. Hubby surprised me a couple of days ago with 15 pounds of huge, fully ripe tomatoes that he got at the farm stand for only $5 because each one had a small blemish. I have turned them into a full pint of tomato powder, and will take a sample to the woman who owns the farm stand. We get beautiful tomatoes year-round here in Florida, and it is wonderful to have this way to preserve them.

    I make a lot of soup, so it will not last an awfully long time, and I can buy large quantities as often as I wish. I even turn leftover spaghetti sauce into tomato leather and store it in vacuum packed jars or bags. I hate waste!

  5. Can someone tell me if i can dry tomatoes in an oven? I don’t own a dehydrator. They’re very expensive in my country. (The Netherlands, Europe) And herbs? Can they be done in an oven?
    Thanks for the help, in advance.


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