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Fruit Powders

Add a burst of flavor (& nutrition) to your favorite recipes such as muffins, cakes, donuts, etc by adding homemade fruit powder.
Although you can purchase fruit powder online, if you have an abundance of fresh fruit, berries or veggies from the garden, you may want to make your own instead.

How do you make fruit powder?

Dry your fruits so they are extra crispy, then place them in a blender on high until powdered. This is particular good with strawberries, tomatoes, and bananas.

To use this powder in recipes, combine 1/2 c fruit powder to 1 c. of flour. Follow the recipe as directed. This not only adds nutrition, but huge amounts of flavor as well!

In a blender, combine 1/4 c. fruit powder to water or milk, 1 Tbs of raw honey and then add a couple ice cubes and enjoy a delicious fruit smoothie or milk shake.

Other ideas:

add 1 T to yogurt for flavored yogurt
add 1 T. Fruit Powder (any kind of fruit) to Homemade oatmeal packets & 1 T. of powdered coffee creamer for Fruit-n-cream oatmeal that your kids will beg for!

Add flavor to your waffles & pancakes, sprinkle over your cereal in the morning.

For a point of reference, 2 lbs of fresh fruit yield a rounded cup of fruit powder.

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7 thoughts on “Fruit Powders”

  1. totally loving the fruit and veggie powder ideas. going to do this to our extra summer squash to later add to mashed potatoes.

    thanx ya’ll

  2. Wow I am really loving this site. I would of never thought to make dried fruit into powder, I just got a dehydrator Yipee!!

  3. Making your own fruit and veggie powder is not only healthy but economical. I checked the prices in the health food stores and it is not always affordable when you need them, especially in small amounts.

  4. I live in Virginia where it is always humid, how do you get the fruit and veggies to dry crisp? Can I use the oven? I love the idea but don’t know how to go about it.

    Thank you


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