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Guidelines for Drying Fruits

The times in this chart should be used as guidelines only. Actual Drying time depends on numerous factors including the type of drying method used, the quantity of food being dried, the amount of moisture in the fruit etc. Note: Watch fruits carefully, testing frequently for correct texture/dryness.

FruitPreparationAn appropriate sulfuring time before sun-dryingSun drying timeDehydrator/oven drying timeIndicators of dryness
Apples*Wash and core; peel if desired. cut in ¼” slices or rings.45-60 minutes3-4 days6-12 hoursSoft and pliable; no moisture in center when cut.
Apricots*Peel if desired halve or slice, remove pit.2 hours (halves) 1 hour (slices)2-3 days16-36 hours (halves) 7-10 hours (slices)Same as apples
Bananas*Peel and cut into ¼” slicesN/A2-3 days <COLOR=#0000ff>6-7 days8-16 hours <COLOR=#0000ff>30-40 hoursLeathery but still chewy. <COLOR=#0000ff>(longer drying will make banana chips) (NOT PLIABLE)
Blueberries; CranberriesHalveN/A2-4 days8-12 hoursLeathery but still chewy
CherriesPit and halveN/A1-2 days18-30 hoursLeathery but still chewy
FigsPeel & QuarterN/A4-5 days10-12 hoursPliable; slightly sticky but not wet.
Grapes*Halve; seed if desiredN/A3-5 days24-48 hoursRaisin like texture pliable; chewy.
Peaches;* Nectarines*Peel if desired. Halve or cut in ¼” slices, remove pit.2-3 hours (halves or slices)3-5 days (halves or slices)24-36 hours (halves); 8-12 hours (slices)Same as apples
Pears*Halve & core, or core & cut in ¼” slices.5 hours (halves or slices)5 days (halves or slices)24-36 hours (halves); 10-14 hours (slices)Same as apples
PersimmonsFor variety, select firm fruit; for Hachiya variety, let fruit ripen until soft. Peel & cut in ¼” slices.N/A5-6 days14-18 hoursLight to medium brown; tender but not sticky.
PineapplePeel, core and cut crosswise into ¼” slices. Dry slices whole or cut them in wedges.N/A4-5 days (slices) 3-4 days (wedges)24-36 hours (slices); 18-24 hours (wedges)Chewy and dry to center.
PlumsHalve or cut in ¼” slices, removing pit.N/A4-5 days18-24 hours (halves); 8-10 hours (slices)Fairly hard and leathery but still chewy.
RhubarbCut in ¼” slices.N/A2-3 days18-20 hoursHard to crisp
StrawberriesHalve or cut in ¼” slices.N/A1-2 days20 hours (halves) 12-16 hours (slices)Leathery but still pliable.


*Pre-treat these fruits to protect their color. Dip in an anti-oxidant or a honey-water solution if dehydrator or oven drying. For sun-drying sulfur fruits or dip in solution.

Source: Logicsouth.com

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