Diabetic Gummy Worms!

diabetic gummy worms
Diabetic Gummy Worms!

Want a fun sugar free snack for the kids? These yummy little sugar-free gummy worms are just the thing . . .

1 large package or 2 small packages Sugar Free Jell-O
1 package unsweetened Kool-Aid in comparable flavor (i.e. orange jello,
orange kool-aid)
2 packages Knox uavored gelatin (same section as regular jello)
1 cup hot water

Mix all ingredients together. Pour thinly (about 1/4″) onto glass plates or glass lasagna pan lying flat either on a kitchen counter or in the refrigerator. Alternatively, if you’d like them to have ridges you can pour the mixture into twisty straws, but they are a bit harder to pop out!

In 30 minutes, cut into strips. Diabetic Gummy Worms!

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  1. i bet you could make these with stevia or (truvia) instead also to make them healthier. instead of the jello just use the same amount of koolaid and extra gelatin. i will have to try this for my father in law who is diabetic!

    • These are very tasty…I just cut them into small squares, I could care less about them being in worm shapes…:)

      You could also use small cookie cutters to make them into shapes, like for holidays. Or, use candy molds for 3d shapes.

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