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MYO: Instant Oatmeal Mix – Various Flavors

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Create your own delicious, fast, money-saving instant oatmeal mix packets in just a few minutes time with these delicious variations including apple cinnamon, peaches and cream, fun exploding oatmeal, and more


Instant Oatmeal Mix Recipe

You’ll Need:
3 cups Quick-Cooking Oats
8 small-sized Zip Baggies

Put 1/2 cup oats in a blender and blend on high until powdery. Set aside in a small bowl, and repeat the procedure with an additional 1/2 cup oats.

If you’re using a food processor, you can do the 1 cup of oats in one batch. This creates a homemade oat flour, which imparts the perfect texture in these homemade instant oatmeal packets.

Put the following ingredients into each ziploc baggie:

1/4 cup un-powdered oats
2 Tbsp. powdered oats
1/8 tsp. salt

If you’d like variations- see below.

To Use:
Empty packet into a bowl. Add 3/4 cup boiling water. Stir and let stand for 2 minutes. For thicker oatmeal, use less water – for thinner oatmeal, use more water.

Homemade Instant Oatmeal Mix Variations:

If you happen to have a food dehydrator and dry your own fruits, you can use them as delicious additions to these instant oatmeal mixes. 


If not, we recommend using freeze-dried fruits, such as Simply Nature which we found at our local Aldi location.

Apple-Cinnamon Oatmeal– To each packet add 1 Tbsp. sugar, 1/4 tsp. cinnamon, and 2 Tbsp. chopped dried apples.


Bart-man Oatmeal – add 2 Tbsp. ‘Butterfinger B.B’s’ candies to each packet.

Blueberries &
Cream Oatmeal – To each packet add 1 Tbsp. non-dairy coffee creamer and 2 Tbsp. dried blueberries

Brown Sugar/Cinnamon Oatmeal– To each packet add 1 Tbsp. packed brown sugar & 1/4 tsp. cinnamon

Confetti Oatmeal– To each packet, add 1 tsp. decorative cake/cookie sprinkles- this is fun to do seasonally with the kids adding Christmas Sprinkles, or Halloween Monster Sprinkles.

Cookies n Cream Oatmeal – add 1 crushed Oreo cookie and 1 Tbsp. non-dairy coffee creamer to each packet.

Exploding Oatmeal– add 1 tsp. sugar, and 1/2 tsp. ‘Pop Rocks’ candy to each packet. This one is fun for celebration days, such as birthdays.

Fun Fruit Oatmeal – To each packet, add 6 or 7 pieces of ‘fruit snack’ type dehydrated fruit cut into bite sized pieces. Mango and coconut go really well together!


Health Nut Oatmeal– To each packet add 2 Tbsp. wheat germ or 1 tsp ground Flax Seed, or 2 tsp Chia Seeds (Increase water to 1 cup)

Oatmeal w/Raisins & Brown Sugar– To each packet add 1 Tbsp. packed brown sugar and 1 Tbsp. raisins

Peaches & Cream Oatmeal – To each packet add 1 Tbsp. non-dairy coffee creamer and 2 Tbsp. dried chopped peaches


Strawberries & Cream Oatmeal – To each packet add 1 Tbsp. non-dairy coffee creamer or powdered milk and 2 Tbsp. dried chopped strawberries. myo-instant-oatmeal-various-flavors

S’More Oatmeal – add 6 miniature marshmallows and 1 Tbsp. Milk Chocolate Chips to each packet.

Southern Charm Oatmeal– To each packet add 1 Tbs Chopped Pecans, 1 T. Brown Sugar, 1 tsp non-dairy coffee creamer, 1/8 tsp cinnamon

Sweetened Oatmeal– To each packet add 1 Tbsp. sugar or brown sugar (or 2 tsp splenda)


Instant Oatmeal Tips-n-Tricks

I like to use the small snack size zip-seal baggies for these because they’re easy to store, but if you’re trying to make mornings even faster to get the kids out the door, you can put the mixes in half-pint mason jars and all the kids have to do is add hot water and set the lid on top for a few minutes, or add cold water and put it in the microwave for a minute and a half without a lid! Stir, and enjoy.


Use caution as the jars will be hot.

Check out the Member Submitted flavors in the Comments below & feel free to share your own!

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34 thoughts on “MYO: Instant Oatmeal Mix – Various Flavors”

    • I have tried a couple and they are good.. Quick and easy!

      My husband just bought some flavored oatmeal. I told him that I could make some for him in different flavors.

      I will have to see if he will try them.

  1. crazy question but why do you have to make the oatmeal into a powdered consistency? i would like to offer my customers some recipes on making their own instant oatmeal so i was just curious. the instant packets that i get in the store are not powdery.

    tia! 🙂

    • Crazy question but why do you have to make the oatmeal into a powdered consistency? I would like to offer my customers some recipes on making their own instant oatmeal so I was just curious. The instant packets that I get in the store are not powdery. TIA! 🙂

      You’re not making ALL of the oatmeal powdery, only 1 cup out of 3. It’s to get the same consistency as the Store bought packages.

        • lol, thanks for clarification. Must have missed that part ha ha 🙂

          You’re welcome 🙂 We tried it without powdering any of the oats and the texture just wasnt the same. I love oatmeal this time of year, particularly on freezing cold mornings.

  2. funny, i made my own just this week and the oatmeal wasn’t completely cooked. i’m looking forward to using the food processor as you suggested with my next batch. thanks for the tips with the different flavors.

    i only used powdered milk, cinnamon, sugar, and nutmeg. thanks!

  3. i just made about 6 each of 3 different flavors. One flavor was cinnamon and brown sugar, another was raisin and brown sugar (I added cinnamon too to spruce up the flavor) and the other isn’t on the variety list of flavors. My oldest LOVES his reese peanut butter cups so I took the reese pb chips and some choc chips and chopped it in my magic bullet.

    Our boys (5 all together) are big eaters so each package I doubled so with the reese one I added 2 rounded Tablespoons of the chip mix, plus 1TB brown sugar. Now to see if they like them! If so, I have 3 more big bags of quick oats that is just sitting there begging to be used!

    Thanks for a great recipe! I’ve been going thru a bunch of the mixes and seasonings and trying them as I am trying to lean more towards making most of everything myself!

  4. just an update on my last post. out of the 5 boys, 3 (my 3) all loved them especially the reese pb flavored oatmeal. The other 2 (my boyfriends boys) didn’t eat theirs the first morning (made with hot water I made with my coffee pot), this morning one of the 2 tried it with just warm tap water and said the texture was LOT better…don’t know what the pickiest of them all thought yet. Funny thing is, after 2 mornings, all the reese pb ones are gone.

    Guess I’m making more and going to try other flavors to find their favorites!

  5. just a note to say i read the recipe wrong and used 1/4 cup powdered oats and 2 tblsp non-powdered oats.

    Also, for one of my variations, I used 1 tblsp raisin and 1 tblsp chopped/almost ground walnuts. The walnuts gave back some texture I lost when switching the powdered and non-powdered oats. 🙂

  6. a variation i created to this in a pinch, we have added a packet of hot cocoa mix to the packet. – chocolate oatmeal.

  7. this is a great idea….my grand children love all different kinds of oatmeal…now i can mix it up easily without buying boxes and boxes of the branded and have it sit in my pantry until the next visit….thanks..

  8. have made many of your dry mix recipes. we do a lot of camping during the year. no refrigeration required!!!

    if you can boil water…the recipes on your site are a blessing. thanks. :party1:

  9. i made this recipe but didn’t have quick cooking oats so i just used the old fashioned ones in my pantry. i add hot water from a dispenser at work and let it sit for a minute. …works like a charm!

    i make a double sized serving for my husband and he loves it. cinnamon apple raisin, and pecan brown sugar were my first 2 flavors and now I am making cinnamon pecan raisin and apple cranberry. This oatmeal tastes great and doesn’t get gummy or taste of chemical flavoring that I find in store bought varieties, but has the bonus of being quick and easy with very little mess.

    Thanks for your posts!

  10. I love adding dried cranberries to my oatmeal. I try to get a little extra fruit and fiber into me every day and this is a big help ( senior here). Also helps with fewer trips to town for groceries!

    • Can you use powdered milk instead of creamer?

      I am not a big fan of powdered coffee creamer, but it does help make the oatmeal taste a little richer than plain powdered milk. I use a mix of half powdered creamer and half powdered milk. I like the taste much better.

  11. What is the shelf life on these? Can you put them in vacuum sealed bags or jars with oxygen absorbers to keep them long term?

  12. Love this site, years ago, quite by experiment, I learned that you could add a heaping tablespoon of flavored coffee creamers powered or liquid when preparing, to my instant oatmeal, variations ( amaretto, french vanilla, capachino, mocha, etc.) It was quite good. I was so excited, I even wrote the quaker oats company.

  13. I totally did this and LOVE it! I also went a little off the rails and added two teaspoons of powdered pumpkin (dehydrated from a can of pumpkin) and some pumpkin pie spice to mine. Pumpkin pie oatmeal!

    I am going to have such fun coming up with new flavors.

  14. This comment is late but you lady, are a genius! I’ve got some securely lidded mugs for lunch heating, I’m thinking I can put the mix in the mug, add the hot water and the secure lid and head out the door. By the 1st traffic light it’s ready to eat!


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