Prepared Living » 4 Emergency Power Sources for Your Home

4 Emergency Power Sources for Your Home

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4 Emergency Power Sources for Your Home
Power outages can cause people more problems than just leaving them in the dark. Losing power during the winter time can be dangerous (without heat) if temperatures get too cold. Food will spoil in a refrigerator if the electricity stays off too long. Also, cell phones will lose power, which could leave people vulnerable in case of an emergency. That’s why people need to have an emergency power source to keep part of their home running when they lose electricity.


Emergency standby power systemsoffer you backup power, keeping some of your appliances running when the electricity goes out. Standby power systems are permanently installed outside your home, connecting to your natural gas line and eliminating the need for you to add fuel. A standby backup power system will detect a power outage – automatically turn itself on – and start powering your home within seconds. Also, there are different power systems that can generate varying amounts of power for your home, depending on your needs. You can learn more about emergency standby power systems online.

If you don’t want to invest in an emergency standby power source, you can buy a less expensive portable generator. You will need to keep some gas on hand to run a portable generator. Also, a portable generator will not create as much power as a larger standby power system. However, they are still a good source of limited, emergency power. For example, you could run a space heater in the winter with a small generator. You can buy a portable generator from most home improvement stores (like Lowe’s and Home Depot).

Emergency generators can keep some of your appliances running; however, you can still be left in the dark without lights. Open flame candles are dangerous because they can fall over or you can forget about them. That’s why you need a safe and reliable backup light source. Battery-powered emergency bulbsoffer several hours of backup lighting. The emergency bulbs just screw into your light fixtures like a regular light bulb. You can learn more and order them online.

If your electricity is off very long, your electronic devices (cell phones and tablets) will lose power. Being without a way to call for help in an emergency is dangerous. That’s why you need a battery backup power system so you can charge your electronic devices.

In short, a power outage in your home (for an extended time) is inconvenient. Luckily, there are some emergency backup power options available for your home. A standby backup power system will offer your home the most convenient emergency power source. However, if you can’t afford a standby backup system, you at least need a portable generator. Emergency (battery-powered) light bulbs can keep the lights on in your house for several hours during an outage. Finally, your home needs a battery backup power source – so you can plug-in devices – and keep them charged.



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