25+ Items to Stockpile for Bartering

The Best Barter Items for Emergency Situations – Items you should have on hand to use as Emergency Currency when the SHTF

We live in pretty scary times. Over the past several years, the world has been witness to unforeseen and unexpected game-changing events. A slew of natural disasters have befallen countries all over

the world. Economies previously regarded as extremely stable have collapsed. The threat of a nuclear attack or fallout is ever present. Doomsday events that we previously only saw in the movies have been occurring, albeit on a smaller scale. . .Earthquakes, tornadoes, hurricanes, and tsunamis have become alarmingly more frequent in recent years.

In light of these facts, it is always a good idea to be prepared for any eventuality. When disaster strikes, there may come a time when money will no longer be of value. Various items will be used as emergency currency.

Here we will list 25 items to stockpile for bartering should the need arise.

These emergency barter items may come in handy if you find yourself in a doomsday situation in the future. They are listed in no particular order. The important thing to remember about these items is that you should make sure you have an adequate supply for yourself and your family before you think of using them as emergency currency.

1. MRE (Meal, Ready to Eat) – Food will always be a precious commodity in emergency situations. MREs are individual food packets commonly used by soldiers in combat. It would be good to stock up on MREs because they have a long shelf life and are pretty easy to store.

2. Canned Food – Canned food, which includes canned meat, fruit, vegetables, and soup are also important items to stockpile for bartering. Since food is a basic necessity, it will always be in demand so you won’t go wrong in having a ton of canned food around. On the off chance that you won’t be able to use them as emergency barter items, you could still eat them yourself.

3. Dried Food – Dried food such as dried fruit and jerky are also useful barter items.

4. Bottled Water – Water is life. It’s as simple as that. Bottled water will be much in demand in times of crises. No further explanation is required here.

5. Honey– Honey is a natural antibiotic, antiseptic, it’s great for cooking, cleaning wounds, etc. It stores indefinitely and tastes great.

6. Bleach– can be used for cleaning, purifying water, supplies, and is a perfect disinfectant. It lasts virtually forever and makes a great barter item.

7. Water Purification Supplies- these can range from individual tablets to actual water purification systems/filters- access to clean water during a disaster is not always easy. If you are forced to grab a bug out bag and go- a few of these tablets can come in handy for scoring you some fresh
food or other necessities

8. Baking Soda-This important item can be used in cooking, cleaning, homemade explosives, health related conditions, stomach ailments, etc. It makes a great shampoo, it’s dirt cheap to buy and easy to store.

9. Spices/Seasonings– although the quality can break down over a period of years, they are still edible and enhance wild foods considerably. As in the past, these are still and always have been excellent bartering items. You can get containers of spices for as little as .50 each at dollar stores to stock up.

10.Liquor – The value of alcoholic drinks has been estimated to appreciate as much as 10 times during disasters. Make sure you have a few bottles for bartering.

11. Cigarettes – Even non-smokers should have a few packs of cigarettes for emergency barter purposes. A lot of people turn to nicotine to relieve stress.

12. Batteries – Stock up on different types and sizes of batteries. They will come in handy for bartering. Learn how to Test Batteries

13. Flashlight – Electricity is a luxury you probably will not have in a doomsday situation. A flashlight could be a much-coveted item.

14. Candles – Candles, like flashlights, are also very important in emergencies.

15. Matches – Make sure you have matches (that have been waterproofed) to light candles or start a fire if the need arises.

16. Swiss army knife – This can be a very useful tool. Make sure you have some for bartering.

17. Water filter – Stock up on water filters because people will want clean water during emergencies.

18. Silver and gold coins – Silver and gold coins have been used for trade since ancient times. They continue to be important barter items.

19. Toiletries – Soap, shampoo, toothpaste, and toilet paper are items that we usually take for granted. In disaster situations, they become luxury items that are worth a lot to other people.

20. Alcohol/Disinfectant – When the water supply is limited, alcohol or other disinfectants will be an easy way to maintain cleanliness.

21. Firearms/ammunition – These become a necessity in a situation where panic sets in and people just want to survive. Having the means to protect yourself is necessary and other people will want something to protect themselves too.

22. Pepper spray – For those who are wary about touching firearms, pepper spray is a good alternative when it comes to protection. It would be useful to stockpile these.

23. Warm clothing – Quality warm clothing will be highly in demand during crises. Have extra wool socks, waterproof jackets/coats, and sturdy footwear available for barter.

24. Medicines – Medicines will also be very much in demand. Useful medicines to stockpile are painkillers, burn ointments, antibiotics, and first-aid ointments for cuts and wounds. Vitamin supplements could also be in demand.

25. Specialized items – Depending on the nature of the disaster, some items may become highly prized such as Geiger counters in case of a nuclear fallout and specialized masks and suits in case of a biological disaster or outbreak.

This list is by no means complete. There are many other items that could be used to barter with during emergencies. The important thing is to recognize the importance of preparing these items and maybe start stockpiling some of them. Just in case.

Honorable Mentions:- Items submitted by our members:

  • Hard candies – Candies are a quick source of sugar and thus, energy. In case food supply becomes very limited, hard candies will become in demand because they can easily reverse hypoglycemia (low blood sugar levels) that results from starvation.
  • Chocolates – Comfort foods such as chocolates are also useful items to barter with. There’s nothing like a piece of chocolate to make a person feel better when his world has been turned upside down.
  • Drink mixes – Kool Aid mixes and iced tea mixes could also provide comfort to someone who has lost everything.
  • Powdered milk – Powdered milk is the better alternative to liquid in times of crises but does not have a very long shelf life.
  • Can opener – Have extra can openers on hand to serve as barter items. Some people may not have had the foresight to keep one for opening all the canned food they’ve stocked up on.
  • Dental Floss– can be used for a wide variety of things- cutting through items, cutting, trapping, fishing in a pinch, etc. It’s small, easy to conceal, lasts forever in storage and is a great barter item.

    1. I can attest to how much some of these items can come in handy, and am going to use this list to augment my stockpile. My granddad was a survivalist before the word became popular. He taught us to keep canned goods, water and money.

      When Hurricane Fran hit here in nc, it chose to do so on a thursday, right before payday. no electricity meant no atms. many people had no water. nothing, i mean nothing was open for, at least in my neighborhood, 8 days.

      I had water and food stored in and under my house. I had money buried in canning jars in my yard (burglar proof that way :-). Of course, I knew the situation would be short lived so barter was less necessary than helping others but the principles are the same.

      When the first store reopened and I went to get what was available, a lady was begging the owner to cash her check because her baby had had no milk for days. I offered to cash one for her since she was local and told the store owner to send anyone else in such straights to me. In six days I cashed $600 in checks for people in my town.

      I sold food and water also. I am happy to say no one cheated me and some were so grateful that they came and offered help to me afterwards. One man tilled a garden for me the next spring.

      I had lawn mowing and car mechanic work given to me. Had this been a long term disaster, I could have bartered these items for what I needed easily. Use care when storing water to rotate it with fresh water regularly.

      It should be less than six months old unless you plan to treat it chemically. water and canned goods can be stored in the crawlspace under your house. I pack mine in boxes lined with doubled trashbags and taped shut.

      Thanks for the ideas of other barter items to stock. I will be using it I am sure.

    2. I have to wear glasses to read regular size print so I have added reading glasses from the dollar store to my barter supplies. Someone that breaks or loses their glasses might find them a valuable trade item.

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