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How to Light a Fire with a Water Bottle

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If you’re in an emergency situation and all you have is a water bottle, fear not, you can start a fire for warmth, food and cooking in under 2 minutes.

Here’s a rather simple, do it yourself survival trick that you should know! It’s great to have a few survival hacks in your bag of tricks BEFORE you go out hiking, or before natural disasters strike.

We thought we’d share this nifty video with you so you can practice setting your own fire in case you ever need one in a survival situation (or in case you just want to be the hit of the party at your next gathering with friends, because lets face it, this is a pretty cool party trick).

How to light a fire with a water bottle- Watch the Video

Start a Fire With a Water Bottle

You’ll Need:
1 water bottle with water in it
paper or dryer lint, very light kindling

Tips-n-Tricks for first timers!

1. Remove the label from the bottle.

2. Use a clear bottle, if possible.

3. Use Clear liquids in the bottle if possible, however, you can still start a fire with a bottle of urine if needed (remember, this is a survival tip!)

4. Dark-colored paper works best, particularly black lettering, but white paper will work, just rub some dirt on it to stain it a bit darker, then wipe it away. Try to keep as much moisture out of the paper as possible, wet paper won’t burn!

Have you ever lit a fire this way?

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