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Here are several listings of Mystery Shopping Companies throughout the United States. These companies have been recommended over the years by our site & Discussion List members.

If you’re new to Mystery Shopping, here’s a great article to help you Dissolve the Mysteryand answer a few questions you may have. If you still have questions, check out our forum area dedicated to Mystery Shopping.

  • A&A Merchandising LTD: A&A serves a wide mix of clients, which include SOHO, high technology, food, pharmaceutical, veterinary products, financial institutions and packaged goods
  • A Closer Look – Covers Lodging & Restaurant industry. Shoppers are reimbursed for expenses
  • A & M Business Services– Covers Hotels, Restaurants, Banking & Retail. Web based program allows the shopper instant online access to their account
  • A Step Above Service Evaluations-shoppers receive an outline of the assignment requirements and deadline, via e-mail
  • A Top Shop-Covers Service retail outlets; self storage facilities; real estate rental properties; real estate developers; restaurants; automobile dealerships; fast food chains, hotels, nationwide. Shops are paid on a flat fee basis. Most shops pay $10-20 per hour.
  • About Face Corp – Previously known as “The Secret Shopper company”
  • Acra-Covers retail, fast food, & restaurants. Also have a start a shop program as well as zip code surveys.
  • Ann Michaels & Associates -all job assignments come through email, offer a shopper incentive program, Plant-a-shopper & telesurveys
  • ACE (Associate Consumer Evaluations) -Covers Telephone evaluations, Employee Integrity, Sales techniques & Discrimination evaluation, shoppers paid once monthly
  • Amusement Advantage -Covers the amusement/recreation Industry such as water parks, theme parks, etc Mystery shoppers for Amusement Advantage receive free tickets, payments and reimbursements to the facilities that they are evaluating in return for their detailed written evaluations. S
  • Anonymous Insights, inc. -The typical payment is $5-$50 dollars, offers online reporting
  • Anonymous Shoppers & Assessments of Pittsburg (A.S.A.P) -Covers evaluation and analysis of customer service and customer service training, they includes a wide variety of business, ranging from all segments of the hospitality, retail industries, corporate insurance providers, etc.
  • Apartment Shoppe -provides quality personalized mystery shopping services to apartment communities throughout the US.
  • Ardent Services -no additional info
  • At Your Service Marketing -services Texas, Oklahoma, Louisiana, Arkansas, Mississippi, Kansas, New Mexico, Missouri, Iowa. Product demonstrations, Merchandising, Mystery shops and audits
  • Bare Associates International -Covers Restaurants, Banks, Hotels , Retail Clothing Stores, Automotive Sales, Motorcycle Sales, Health and Fitness Clubs , Grocery, Golf Courses, Time Shares, Cellular Phone shops, Phone Call Shops, Furniture Shops, Integrity Bar Shops, etc. Payments take 35-50 days
  • Barry Leeds & Associates -teleshop, web shop & mystery shopping
  • Best Mark-Covers restaurants, retail stores, casinos, shopping malls, banks and hotels
  • Bevinco- Covers Restaurant & bar Inventory audits
  • Beyond Hello – Covers Banking/Financial, Fast Food, Restaurant F&B (Casual & Fine Dining), Retail – General, Telephone
  • Beyond Marketing Group -Covers hospitality industries, retail, medical, banking, call centers, food & restaurants in all 50 states
  • BLD Scheduling Services -additional information not yet avail.
  • BMA Mystery Shopping Services -postings updated right on their site
  • Business Evaluation Services -telephone Mystery shopping, competition shopping, average payment 45-50 days from Approval
  • Business Insights Group -additional information not available- 1 forum user reported this was for banking institutions
  • Byers Choice Inc – Covers fast food evaluations

    Mystery Shopping Companies: See also company listings c-g, h-p-, and q-z

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    [PAGE]Mystery Shopping Companies C thru G[/PAGE] Here are several listings of Mystery Shopping Companies throughout the United States. These companies have been recommended over the years by our site & Discussion List members.

  • California Marketing Specialists : A&A serves a wide mix of clients, which include SOHO, high technology, food, pharmaceutical, veterinary products, financial institutions and packaged goods
  • Campus Consulting · bookstore chains, financial services companies, shopping centers etc
  • Capstone Research · In person & over the phone shops
  • Certified Reports, Inc. (CRI) · theater shops
  • Check Mark, Inc. · Banking, retail, restaurant, entertainment/leisure, etc
  • Check-Up Marketing · Department stores, specialty shops, restaurants, convenience stores, gas stations, hotel, banks, etc.
  • Cirrus Marketing Consultants · Nationwide.
  • CKA Group, Inc. · banking, retail, automotive, hospitality industry. (Formerly known as Service Quest)
  • Confero The Service Resources Group · Retail, grocery, automotive shops. Site has listing of available jobs.
  • Consumer Critique, Inc. · No current additional info
  • Consumer Impressions · Restaurant shops and in store (FL, LA, OK, TX)
  • Consumer Research Group (CRG) · Retail chain
  • Corporate Research International (CoRI) · banking, retail, entertainment, multi-family housing, convenience store industries. (Formerly known as Employee Evaluators)
  • Count on Us · banks, restaurants, hotels/motels, retail stores and supermarkets.
  • Coyle Hospitality Group · restaurants and hotels worldwide.
  • Creative Image Associates, Inc. · financial services industry IN, KY, MA, ME, MI, MO, MS, NC, NY, OK, RI)
  • Cross Financial Group · Bank investment shops.
  • Customer 1st · Banking, Retail, Fast Food, Fine Dinning, Medical, New Home Construction.
  • Customer Perspectives · Restaurants, banks, department stores, specialty stores, and more.
  • Customer Service Experts, Inc. (CSE) · Retail, airport, event, destination, entertainment and food concessions.
  • Customer Service Perceptions · Mystery Shopping and also work in price checks, website evaluations, exit surveys, and employee surveys.
  • CustomeriZe. Inc. · No further info available
  • Data Quest, Ltd. · Financial, entertainment, hospitality and retail.
  • Datatron · consumer, business, upscale, lending, and mortgage.
  • David Sparks & Associates (DSA) · financial and healthcare fields, as well as other service industries and manufacturing.
  • DSG Associates · retail food service industry.
  • Ellis Property Management Services (EPMS) · Apartment shops.
  • Excel Shopping & Consulting · shop apartment communities throughout the USA.
  • Extra Eyes Nationwide, Inc. · retail and financial shops (banks / investments). Bulk of the work is in California, Arkansas & Oklahoma.
  • Feedback Plus, Inc. · retail, financial, hospitality, and service industries.
  • Focus on Service · Longhorn Steakhouse, Bugaboo Creek Steakhouse, Don Pablo’s, and Hops Grill Brewery.
  • Franchise Compliance, Inc. · various franchises
  • Full Scope Mystery Shopping · Restaurants, retail and service businesses
  • Global Compliance Services · Shops, audits (formerly known as Pinkerton)
  • Goodwin and Associates Hospitality Services LLC · Bars, restaurant, hotel dining shops. Primarily covers New England and Eastern Seaboard.
  • Grantham, Orilio & Associates (GOA) · upscale restaurants, bars, hotels and casinos. Shops require long narratives.
  • Graymark Security Group · retail stores, restaurants, nightclubs, hotels, cruise lines and other customer oriented companies.
  • Greet America, Inc. · credit solicitation or sampling & other shops [PAGE]Mystery Shopping Companies H thru P[/PAGE] Mystery Shopping Companies H thru P
    Here are several listings of Mystery Shopping Companies throughout the United States. These companies have been recommended over the years by our site & Discussion List members.

  • Harris Teeter · Covers Supermarket chain with stores in FL, GA, NC, SC, TN, and VA
  • Howard Services · Covers retail stores and restaurants.
  • ICC/Decision Services · An industry leader in mystery shopping and merchandising solutions.
  • Imaginus · Covers Retail shops.
  • imyst · Market research services
  • Infinity Assurance Group (IAG) · Covers Fast food, food court, casual theme, fine dining. Dessert/coffee and bar shops.
  • Informa Research Services · Covers financial and retail. Detail oriented company.
  • Infotel · Covers retail, restaurants, service stations, financial institutions, cruise and tour companies, health and fitness clubs, and more.
  • Instant Reply · Covers Dining and shopping assignments. Reports are submitted online.
  • IntelliShop · Covers Mystery shopping, web site reviews, pricing surveys, audits, and more.
  • J M Ridgway Company · Covers transportation terminal shops available across USA.
  • Jancyn Evaluation Shops · Covers Restaurant/Retail and Rental/Housing research. They have converted to a paperless, online reporting system.
  • JC & Associates · Covers restaurants, service stations, convenience stores, car dealerships, oil change businesses and grocery stores.
  • Ken-Rich Retail Group · Covers Retail assignments. Site has listing of available jobs.
  • LeBlanc & Associates · Covers home builder market.
  • Locksley Group Ltd. · Covers Apartment, Automotive, Banking/Financial, Entertainment, Restaurants, Retail, Real Estate, Hospitals/Medical, Call Centers, Travel Airport and Sports Franchise Concessions, and Mall Management.
  • Maritz Research · additional info not yet avail
  • Marketing Endeavors, LLC · Covers Dining, retail, automotive, gambling facilities, healthcare, real estate, banking, telephone/ internet, audio and video. Exit interviews and internet surveys.
  • Marketing Systems Unlimited · Covers fast food, sit down restaurants, hotels, c-stores, and automobile garages. Offers full and part time positions.
  • Mar’s Surveys · Mystery shops & other WAH jobs such as mall and telephone interviewing and recruiting particpants for studies.
  • Market Viewpoint · Covers housing, retail, health care, auto, restaurants, grocery, auto, child care centers and more.
  • Mass Connections · Covers audit in-store sampling events.
  • Melinda Brody and Company · Covers new home builders.
  • Mercantile Systems and Surveys (MS Surveys) · Covers Golf, dining, entertainment, and hotel/motel.
  • Merchandise Concepts · Coversretail, hospitality and all service industries.
  • Muscle Marketing · Covers Event Marketing, Demonstrations, Samplings, and Merchandising.
  • Mystery Guest, Inc. · Covers Restaurant shops.
  • Mystery Shoppers · Coverscarpet cleaning, cell phone shops, retail stores, truck stops, restaurants, and many others.
  • Mystique Shopper · Covers employee performance, customer service and products for the retail and service industries. (Pays quickly.)
  • National Shopping Service (NSS) · Coverssit-down restaurants, fast food, retail, rental cars, amusement parks, auto service, associations, travel, banking.
  • National Shopping Service Network, LLC (NSSN) · Located in Colorado.
  • Nationwide Services Group, Inc (NSG) · Covers retail store chains, convenient store chains, gas stations, restaurants & more. Site has listing of available jobs. (Formally: Nationwide Integrity Services, Inc. (NIS))
  • NOP World Mystery Shopping (RoperNOP) · Covers Fast food, retail, transportation, automotive, wireless communications, financial, senior living.
  • Northwest Loss Prevention Consultants (NWLPC) · Mystery shop the northwest.
  • Nsite Inc. · Covers Salons/Spas, Restaurants, Liquor Stores, Bars, Automotive, Retail, Coffee Houses. (AZ, CA, IA, IL, IN, MI, MN, NJ, NY, TX, WI)
  • Orilio & Associates · Covers Fine dining, casual dining, quick service markets, hotel and resort industry.
  • Pacific Research Group · Covers McDonalds, Krispy Kreme and Honda. Shops pay between $15.00 and $20.00 (+ product purchase). Shoppers must collect data with a laptop computer and/ or a digital camera.
  • The Pat Henry Group · Covers product introductions, merchandising services, and demonstration programs.
  • Perfect Performance · Covers Various Mystery Shopping assignments.
  • The Performance Edge · Covers Hospitality, retail and service industries.
  • Person to Person Quality · A leading consultant to banks, mortgage companies, and non-bank lenders.
  • Petro Truck Stops · Shoppers need to be working truck drivers.
  • Premier Service Consulting · Covers retail, hotel, and restaurant shops across North America.
  • Promotion Network, Inc. · Covers in-store events, sampling, merchandising service and also mystery shopping.
  • PROS Professional Review & Operational Shoppes, Inc. · Covers financial institutions.
  • PulseBack · Covers Restaurant, retail and supermarket chains. Site has listing of available jobs.

    [PAGE]Mystery Shopping Companies Q thru Z[/PAGE]

    Mystery Shopping Companies Q thru Z

    Here are several listings of Mystery Shopping Companies throughout the United States. These companies have been recommended over the years by our site & Discussion List members.

  • Quality Assessments Mystery Shoppers, Inc. · Covers fast food shops.
  • Quality Assurance Consulting (QAC) · Covers hospitality industry. Mainly East coast.
  • Quality Marketing Group · Covers Demos, Merchandising.
  • Quality Service Inspections (QSI) Specialists · Covers hospitality industry of Las Vegas. (Required to be a Licensed Private Investigator in Nevada.)
  • Quality Shopper · In house shopping company for a major supermarket chain.
  • QualityWorks Associates · Covers movie theatre and other entertainment shops, restaurant, retail and intercepts.
  • Quest for Best · Covers mostly midwest and southwest. Site has listing of available jobs.
  • Reality Check Mystery Shoppers · Covers retail, hospitality, service, and entertainment industries.
  • Reflections · Covers hospitality industry.
  • Rentrak Mystery Shopping · Covers Movie rental, late movie returns and movie purchases.
  • Restaurant Cops LLC. · Covers restaurant evaluations and secret shopping.
  • Restaurant Evaluators, Inc. · Covers Hospitality industry – restaurants, catering and hotels.
  • Retail Eyes · No additional info available
  • Rickie Kruh Research & Marketing Group · Covers company’s customer service
  • Ritter & Associates · no additional info avail.
  • Rocky Mountain Merchandising · Mystery shopping, also Covers resets, cut-ins, tagging, signage and audits. A sister company to Classic Demos. (CO, ID, MT, NM, NV, TX, UT, WY)
  • RoperNOP by NOP World · Covers Fast food, retail, transportation, automotive, wireless communications, financial, senior living.
  • Satisfaction Services · Covers customer services and products.
  • Second To None, Inc. · Covers restaurants, retail stores and service providers. Site has listing of available jobs.
  • Secret Shopping Services · Covers apartments, retail, restaurants, government, professional (accounting, health care), grocery stores, coffee houses, travel industry, malls, fast food, and integrity issues.
  • Sensors Quality Management Inc. (SQM) · Covers restaurants, airlines, hotels, banks, automotive and retail.
  • sensus research · Covers Autos, apparel, jewelry, and restaurant shops.
  • Service Advantage International (SAI) · in person & over the phone shops
  • Service Alliance · Covers childcare industry, home/apartment, lodging and retail.
  • Service Check · Covers Hotels, restaurants, retail, travel, and banking.
  • Service Evaluation Concepts (SEC) · no additional info avail
  • Service Excellence Group · Covers Restaurants and retail shops.
  • Service Impressions · Covers Restaurant, bar, hotel, health club, airport, golf course, store, apartment or housing complex.
  • Service Intelligence · Covers Fast food, retail of all varieties and transportation shops. Site has listing of available jobs.
  • Service Performance Group · Wide client variety- many shops
  • ServiceProbe · Covers apartments, fast food and events. Shops are paid on flat fee basis. (Domestic USA, except Nevada)
  • The Service Quality Department · no additional info avail.
  • Service Research Corporation (SRC) · Covers Mystery shopping, surveys, and focus groups.
  • ServiceSense · Covers Restaurants, Retail Establishments, Call Centers and Service Businesses.
  • Service Sleuths by Howard Services · Covers retail stores and restaurants.
  • Service Solutions, Inc. · Covers professional sporting events, concerts, entertainment, private heath clubs, golf courses, restaurants, retail stores, dry cleaners, banks and hotels.
  • ServiceTRAC · Covers Senior housing and retirement, housing, automotive, retail, and more.
  • SG Marketing Group · Covers banks and retail stores.
  • The Shadow Agency· Does video Mystery Shops in retail stores.
  • Shop’n Chek Worldwide · CoversManufacturing, Restaurant, Hospitality, Retailing, Service, Petroleum, and Utilities. Site lists where they are recruiting shoppers.
  • Shoptalk Service Evaluations · Covers”target” apartment shops. (Washington, Oregon, Idaho)
  • Shoppers, Inc. · Covers restaurants, retail, and banks. Fee ranges from $5-$15 per shop plus reimbursement of purchase, if required. Site has listing of available jobs.
  • Shoppers’ Critique International · Covers home sales, retail, banking, theme parks, independent care facilities, and more. Site has listing of available jobs.
  • Shoppers’ View · Covers professionally evaluated telephone shops, hidden video and on site shops.
  • Sights on Service (Secret Shopper) · Site has listing of available jobs.
  • Sinclair Service Assessments (SSA) · no additional info
  • Speedmark Information Services · Covers Supermarkets, convenience/gas, drug, mass merchandisers, quick-serve restaurants, liquor stores, bars, and restaurants.
  • Spies in Disguise · Covershospitality, automotive, and entertainment industries. Online reporting, fast payments/reimbursement.
  • Superior Product Pickup Service · Coversfood and household products. (You buy stuff and mail it in to them.) Contact: 1-800-443-6127 or (Canada, USA)
  • TES/RapidCheck · Coversmovie theaters to collect box office gross information, view previews of coming attractions
  • Texas Shoppers Network · Texas based company
  • TNS Intersearch · Formally Elrick & Lavidge Marketing Research
  • Trend Source · Covers Hotel, grocery, retail, restaurant, automotive, and more.
  • Video Eyes · Training
  • Wal-Mart · recruiting evaluators for their website and in store
  • The Zellman Group, LLC · (No information available.)
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    1. i was once a mystery shopper, but couldn’t devote the time i needed to do it well. i am now retired and really appreciate the pre-screening you have provided here! hope to get back into the fun!

      • I have been reading about it but get so much junk emails from them I was kind of worried it was not really true. Can u send me some info on what I would do to get in touch with a legimate company. thanks

      • Wow, I would love to do this! Has everyone had good experiences with it? Do they reimburse as promised, etc.

        Mystery shopping has always worked well for me. You don’t get rich doing it and you’d have to sign up for a lot of companies to make a part time job out of it but the advantages are you can pick and choose what you want to do.

    2. mystery shopping has always intrigued me, but i have no idea how to begin. if anyone would be willing to share advice i would love to hear from you.


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