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Where’s My 2021 Tax Refund?

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If your patience is dwindling wondering where your tax rebate is, stop worrying. You can check the status of both state and federal tax returns online.

How to Check your 2021 Tax Refund Status

There are two different types of tax refunds that you may need to check the status of Federal tax returns and State tax returns. The method for checking each tax return is similar. You’ll need to know the tax filing status that you used when you filed, as well as the expected amount of the tax refund.

Federal Refund Status

To get to your refund status, you’ll need to provide the following information as shown on your return:

✔️ Your Social Security Number or IRS Individual Taxpayer Identification Number
✔️ Your Filing Status- single, married filing a joint return, married filing separate return, head of household, or qualifying widow(er)
✔️ The Refund amount – It is important to enter the refund amount exactly as it is shown on your return in order for our computer system to retrieve your data

Click Here to check your Federal Refund Status


State Refund Status 2021

Here is a complete list of links to check the tax return status in your state. You’ll note that some states do not have a personal income tax, therefore no refund is necessary.

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2 thoughts on “Where’s My 2021 Tax Refund?”

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    Wondering when you will receive your tax refund? Check the status of your federal tax return on Where’s My Refund by using the link in the article or you can just call the IRS Refund Hotline at (800) 829-1954. You can check the status of your federal tax return 24 hours after it has been received by the IRS.

  2. I’ve been looking forward to my 2019 tax refund for a while now. I currently work as an accountant and I know that we do taxes for a lot of other small businesses. We tell them the amount of their potential refund and if they can expect it soon or not.

    It’s always hard to see people become disappointed and realizing that the wait is going to be a little longer than expected. That’s not what happened with me though; I was surprised when I found out how much my refund was going to be! I was expecting it to be my standard $3,000, but my total refund ended up being $5,000.

    I was so surprised! My friends all told me they were happy for me and knew that they would most likely get the same amount of money back if they got their taxes done by me too. They said that they’ve never heard of their accountant giving them $3,000 back!

    I can’t wait to get the money in my bank account so I can finally do some Christmas shopping early this year instead of waiting for the very last minute.


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