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What issues does a family lawyer solve?

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Every family needs a lawyer at one time or another in their lives. The family lawyer, divorce lawyer, the bankruptcy lawyer, and even the criminal defense attorney are all members of this exclusive club. But do you know what issues they solve?

Family lawyers help families make legal decisions in advance to minimize the risk that they’ll become involved with the court system later.

The importance of a lawyer in resolving a case

A lawyer is usually contacted in the following cases:
✔️ administrative matters;
✔️ civilians;
✔️ labor;
✔️ family;
✔️ criminal cases and others.

At the same time, many do not even suspect that the role of a lawyer in many cases is great. It is with his help that you can settle your case without bringing it to trial. Therefore, it is important to contact a specialist in a timely manner. The lawyer knows which is the most favorable strategy to choose for your case.

Any professional lawyer begins the solution of your question with a voluntary settlement of the dispute between the parties. In this case, a lot is not required from the client: the first thing that needs to be done to successfully resolve the issue is to come to a consultation. This way you will protect yourself from adverse consequences and save your money in further proceedings in court.

To effectively resolve the conflict between the spouses, it is worth contacting a family lawyer. Since court proceedings are usually held in a nervous environment for both sides, in this case, a lawyer will help reduce the level of anxiety and preserve your emotional state.
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Why is it necessary and important for you to contact a lawyer?

A lawyer is a person who provides qualified legal assistance to individuals, such as citizens, stateless persons, as well as legal entities, for example, various organizations.

It is the lawyer who can competently analyze all your documentation and give advice from the point of view of legal theory or legal practice in courts. The more experience a specialist has, the more successful your question will be solved.

That is why you need a professional representative of your interests in court.

The qualities of a professional lawyer

COMPETENCE For every lawyer, his client’s case is a big responsibility. He must be competent in what he does. There are lawyers who are well-versed in all areas of jurisprudence. However, as practice shows, a successful lawyer specializes in one area of law, for example, a lawyer of family law or criminal law. A professional lawyer does not take up a case if he is not sure of its implementation.

TRUST Often people come to a lawyer for help in difficult life situations when the client does not know what to do. Therefore, it is important for a lawyer to build relationships on a trusting basis, help a person and talk about all possible scenarios.

CONFIDENTIALITY Attorney-client privilege is protected by Law. The lawyer has no right to disseminate information obtained as a result of communication with the client and transfer it to third parties.

RESPONSIBILITY Between the lawyer and the person who applied to him for help, the exact deadlines for the execution of the order are always stipulated. A lawyer should value not only his time, but also the client.
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What issues does a lawyer help to solve?

The most frequent questions arise when a marriage is dissolved. For example, the division of jointly acquired property or disputes about the procedure for parents’ participation in the maintenance and upbringing of their minor children.

If you have problems, and you don’t know what to do and who to contact, then sign up for a consultation. There are professional lawyers specializing in all areas of family law.

A family law lawyer will also help you with the following:

1 In the competent drafting of the marriage contract, as well as the protection of the interests of one of the spouses when challenging the terms of the marriage contract;
2 When dividing jointly acquired property after the dissolution of marriage, as well as establishing the fact of ownership of movable or immovable property;
3 Debt collection of one of the spouses;
4 Writing a will;
5 In a dispute over the distribution of shares;
6 When solving other family issues: for example, appealing decisions of the relevant authorities.

Family lawyer for the protection of children’s rights

Children are not able to resist the adult world, do not have independence in decision-making, cannot protect themselves and their rights due to age. One of the tasks of paramount importance for a family lawyer is to protect young citizens where their interests are not respected, and their rights are violated.

It is necessary to contact a family lawyer in all cases when the interests of the child are affected, and the parents or one of the parents feel helpless in the face of the system or other people.

What services does a family lawyer provide in the case of children? 

1 Determination of the child’s place of residence in case of divorce;
2 The right to see a child;
3 Establishing paternity;
4 Recovery of alimony for the maintenance of minor children and changing the amount of alimony collected;
5 Collection of additional expenses for the maintenance of children;
6 Deprivation of parental rights of one of the parents after the divorce;
7 Challenge the refusal of adoption;
8 Appeal of transactions that violate the interests and rights of children;
9 Establishing paternity;
10 Deprivation of parental rights;
11 Restoration of parental rights.

The children’s rights lawyer will participate and direct all actions to resolve the case in the interests of the minor: prepare all materials, written statements, lawsuits, conduct together with experts the necessary research of any materials, collect evidence and evidence, take part in all court sessions, will undertake communication with state and law enforcement agencies, representatives of the administration of educational institutions and guardianship authorities.
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To increase the chances of one of the parties in a dispute, you should contact a competent person who is professional in this matter. A lawyer can assess the legal consequences of the actions of a party to a family conflict.

Often, the resolution of family disputes requires challenging the acts of guardianship and guardianship authorities, as well as the necessary assessment of the actions and decisions of officials of these bodies. The participation of a lawyer in resolving a family dispute in court is also a guarantee that all the evidence necessary for the correct resolution of the dispute will be obtained and presented to the court.
child custody cases

How to choose a lawyer who will really help in your case?

Today, there is a huge selection of legal services on the legal market. The client’s task is to choose the most competent and experienced, qualified and professional lawyer.

When choosing a lawyer to participate in your case, focus on his experience in conducting similar cases, his specialization, decency, life position and other factors that together will influence your decision on the participation of a particular lawyer in your case.

It is impossible to be an expert in all areas of law. Give preference to someone who has been working for years only in one of the areas of law.

Experience and knowledge of nuances in their field are the most important qualities in the work of a lawyer and the success of clients’ cases. Then you can count on a positive outcome of your question in court.

You should not work with a lawyer who promises a 100% guarantee of success in your case. After all, such a promise is nothing but a violation of lawyer ethics. No one can ever guarantee the success of a case, because it is quite a difficult job and its result depends on many factors that a lawyer cannot influence. He should be only 100% professional in the field in which he is engaged, and know the nuances and features of the process.

In the event that you understand that you want to work with this lawyer, make a written agreement with him. It is drawn up in two copies, one of which remains with the client. The agreement should describe in detail what the money is paid for. It is important to clarify immediately whether additional costs will be required, and if so, how they will be reimbursed. It is better to specify this in the contract, too.

If you decide to change your lawyer, you first need to find a new one. Then officially abandon the old one. An application for a change of lawyer is submitted in writing to the investigator or in court. If you have already paid the entire fee, and the lawyer has not had time to work it out, then you can claim the money back.

Most save on consulting a lawyer. However, choosing a lawyer who will handle your case is not the case to save money. A professional and sufficiently experienced lawyer cannot be cheap. And the successful result of your case depends on a highly qualified specialist.

Final thoughts

When choosing a lawyer to participate in your case, be guided by his experience in conducting similar economic or civil cases, his specialization, energy and decency, his life position and other factors that, in their totality, will influence your decision on the participation of a particular lawyer in your case. Then you can count on a positive outcome of your case in court.

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