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6 Tips to Organize Your Kitchen

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Organization has undoubtedly become an essential aspect of everything and everyone’s life. However, pre-organizing things in the proper manner reduces half of your work. Subsequently, one should prioritize organization in their lives and houses.

The kitchen is one such place of the house where usually most of our time is spent. However, not all of us have that much time to spend in the kitchen daily. It is because cooking is a rigorous task that requires time and patience.

cluttered kitchen sink area

In such circumstances, the best thing you can do is always to keep your kitchen adequately organized. It will significantly reduce your cooking time. You will be able to locate every utensil, dishware, spice, and cutlery with ease and in no time.

Furthermore, an organized kitchen will make it joyful and easier for you to work. A neat and organized kitchen is what attracts everybody. Therefore, organizing your kitchen is something that needs your attention and time.

6 Tips to Organize Your Kitchen

The real task here is to configure how to get started with organizing the kitchen. There are dozens of kitchen organizers available to help you make efficient drawers, cabinets, and countertops. However, not everyone knows how to use them.

With that in mind, we will take you through some tips and tricks that will come in handy while organizing the kitchen. The article will be a detailed guide to help you get started with and improve kitchen organization.

organize kitchen

Clear Out The Counter Space

Well, many of us like to keep our utensils and kitchen electronics on the counter space to increase accessibility. However, it increases the clutter and chaos as all the cords get twisted and twirled. What’s more, it looks pretty messy and unpleasant as well.

The best practice is to keep the counter space clean and accessible. You should leave as much space as possible on the counter space for cutting, chopping, and other meal prep tasks. It will significantly increase the functionality of your kitchen while keeping it neat.

clean kitchen

By the same token, instead of cluttering utensils and electronics on the counter space, you can make room for them in cabinets, drawers, or racks. It will keep them safe and tidy as well. It is vital to pay attention to the conditions of the cabinet as well.

You can make use of cabinet refinishing to keep your cabinets well-polished and shiny all year round. Highly maintained cabinets make up an essential part of keeping the kitchen well organized and neat.

Dedicate Drawers for Cutlery

The cutlery is the most utilized utensil in the kitchen. Spoons, knives, forks, and spatulas are necessary for some work or the other in the kitchen. Inevitably, it is essential to store them in a place that is easily accessible.

disorganized cutlery drawer

You can install horizontal organizers in wide drawers and vertical organizers in deep drawers. Doing so will significantly increase the space of the drawer. Plus, you will be able to easily organize all your spatulas, forks, spoons, ladles, and knives.

drawer organizer

The drawer you should dedicate for cutlery must be near the stove and the counter space as well. In this way, all your cutlery will be easily accessible whether you are cooking or meal prepping.

organized cutlery drawer

Pay Attention To The Kitchen Trashcan

You can dedicate a floor cabinet below the sink for keeping the kitchen trash can. In this way, the trash can would be away from the naked eyes. Plus, there would be little to no smell from kitchen wastage as the trash can would be hidden.

hidden trash can

Please do stock up some large garbage bags so that you never run out of one. Garbage bags installed on trash cans make it easier to cleans up and get rid of all the waste. Plus, the trash can looks cleaner and presentable as compared to trash cans without garbage bags.

You can also keep air refreshing tablets in the floor cabinet designated for the kitchen trash can. It will never stink, especially considering how much the wet waste smells. Therefore, you should not overlook the kitchen trash bin storage area.

hide the trashcan

Label The Spices

The spice jars are something we all get confused with when in a hurry. As such, the best practice is to name and label each spice jar. You can print the label and stick it or even go for masking tape and marker.

label your spices

However, too many spices mean too many spice jars, which will eventually increase the clutter. In that event, what you can do is cultivate a spice drawer or a spice door hanging rack.

spice saver
Kitchen Gadgets, To Buy or Not to Buy?

All you will need is some drawer organizers, which include separators and dividers. It will also save money as you won’t need to buy new jars for new spices.

Additionally, keeping the spices in a drawer near the cooktop and counter space would also increase accessibility. You can obviously put labels on the spice sections of the drawer to avoid confusion.

Racks for Wet Tableware

We all know that not everything can be washed in the dishwasher every time. Sometimes, in urgency, people also tend to wash dishware and utensils in the sink to save time. What creates clutter is no designated space for drying up the newly washed tableware & utensils.

People often tend to dry wet crockery on the countertops. However, damp dishware and utensils spread all over the countertop would increase the clutter and look highly messy. Thus, it is vital to install a durable rack for drying the wet tableware.

sink drying rack
Over the Sink Drying Rack

However, ensure that the rack you choose is durable and sturdy enough to hold all the crockery and utensils in place. You can easily install it besides the sink to increase the functionality and accessibility.

As a bonus, you can incorporate the rack for displaying decorative dishware pieces as well. It will significantly add to the beauty of your kitchen and make it look more presentable yet beautiful.

Keep All Your Kitchen Cleaning Supplies in Place

The kitchen cleaning supplies are an essential part of keeping the kitchen tidy and neat. However, not storing them in an appropriate manner would increase the clutter. For example, people often keep all the supplies in a small corner on the floor, which looks messy.

Thus, the best practice you can follow is to dedicate a cabinet, preferably a floor cabinet, for kitchen cleaning supplies. You can also install organizing racks in the cabinet to store all the kitchen cleaning supplies in place.

cleaning supply cabinet

These organizing separators and dividers are readily available online on Amazon or Ali Express. You can also find them in any supermarket or major department store. Countless options are available depending upon the size, color, and material. Or you may choose to create DIY organizers as well.

Otherwise, the cleaning cloths and wipes lying here and there in the kitchen look incredibly messy. Thus, it is best to dedicate a designated cabinet for all these cleaning cloths, wipes, and surface cleaners.

The Final Thoughts

Proper organization is essential in every aspect of life, be it your professional or personal life. Similarly, your house also needs some organization for it to function correctly and optimally. Moreover, organized homes give birth to organized people and vice versa.

The kitchen is an essential room of the house, must not be neglected when it comes to organizing. The entire focus of all your kitchen organizing activities should be space-saving, increasing functionality, and clearing the clutter.

cluttered kitchen sink area

All the three critical points mentioned above are crucial for the kitchen to be utilized to its best potential. This being the case, no one should ignore kitchen organization. It significantly reduces the time you spend in the kitchen.

The kitchen is a heated-up space, and regardless of the season, it gets pretty hot in there. Resultantly, no one likes spending hours and hours in the kitchen. Therefore, it makes it even more important to make arrangements beforehand to reduce the working time in the kitchen.

Organizing the kitchen will be very beneficial for you, especially if you are a working person. All the kitchen organizing racks, drawer separators, and dividers will come in handy when organizing the kitchen. Hence, I recommend that you do hoard these organizers, and they are pretty cheap.

organize utensils by hanging

We hope the tips mentioned above will prove to be helpful for you in organizing the kitchen area. Would you please get back to us for suggestions and feedback? We would love to hear back from all of you in the comments section below.

Finally, please let us know if we missed out on some of your favorite kitchen organizing tips, tricks, and hacks.

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