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Everything You Ever Wanted to Know about White Claw

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A malt beverage, White Claw comes in a variety of flavors such as tangerine, mango, lime, ruby grapefruit, and raspberry burst. As one of the three most popular liquors, it is among the fourth most famous.

The base of White Claw is a gluten-free alcohol, not vodka or beer. White Claw is the brand name for a hard seltzer beverage. In recent years, the fizzy drink has become so popular that many bars are declawed because of it. There is a phenomenon called “declawed” when a bar runs out of White Claw drinks. It is becoming increasingly difficult for local bars and distributors of alcohol to keep these drinks in stock.

Does White Claw Expire?

The quality, authenticity, and refreshing nature of this drink make it extremely popular. Although most people enjoy taking this drink, they are frequently curious as to whether or not it becomes stale if stored.

Does White Claw expire? White Claw is best enjoyed within the first year of production. However, White Claw does not expire if it remains unopened. A bottle’s date of production is usually visible on the label. Despite losing some carbonation, the drink will still not suffer any adverse effects after this date.

We hope this article answers any questions you might have about White Claw.

Everything You Ever Wanted to Know about White Claw

1 What Does White Claw Taste Like?
2 What are the Nutritional Benefits of White Claw?
3 What are the Culinary Uses of White Claw?
4 Where did White Claw Originate?
5 Does White Claw Hydrate or Dehydrate you?
6 Is White Claw Budget-Friendly?
7 How to Read the White Claw Expiration Code
8 How Long Does Unopened White Claw Last?
9 How Long Does White Claw Last After Opening It?
10 How Should I Store White Claw?
11 Is it Safe to Drink Expired White Claw? What Happens?
12 How to Make Your Own White Claw
13 Fun Facts & Final Thoughts
white claw variety pack

What Does White Claw Taste Like?

What does White Claw taste like? The taste of White Claw is similar to sparkling water or LaCroix. The alcohol in White Claw is hardly detectable unless it is cold. The beverage is available in 11 robust flavors including black cherry, lime, ruby grapefruit.

Currently, White Claw is available in 11 flavors. It can be fun to try out different flavors to find out which one you like best. Blackberry, Black Cherry, Lemon, Lime, Mango, Pineapple, Raspberry, Ruby Grapefruit, Strawberry. Tangerine, and Watermelon.

Nutritional Benefits of White Claw

Would you like to know what nutritional benefits you could expect if you tried this drink? At best, it is a matter of speculation whether White Claw has healthy benefits for the human body or not. The complete list of ingredients for White Claw is Purified carbonated water, alcohol, natural flavors, natural cane sugar, citric acid, sodium citrate.

The alcohol content of a 12-ounce serving of White Claw is 5 percent. There are only 100 calories in that standard 12-ounce can. While the fruit-flavored variety contains two carbs, the hard and pure varieties contain no carbs. For this reason, White Claw is often the beverage of choice for those following a Keto lifestyle. You can consume this beverage frequently without risking your waistline.

There are other risks to be aware of though. White claw contains citric acid which can wear down the enamel on teeth if consumed on a daily basis.

According to a study in The Lancet with 600,000 subjects, anything more than one drink per day shortens your life (source: Vox). According to the U.S. government, women can have one alcoholic drink daily, and men can have two (contrary to the Lancet study).

Culinary Uses of White Claw

When cooking specific recipes and dishes, the recipe may state to add a splash (or more!) of wine to the pot as you cook. There is no wine in White Claw, but you can definitely use it in cooking. Using White Claw for cooking produces excellent results. A hard seltzer works well as a flavoring for meats or to lighten batters, such as Instant pot White Claw chicken and rice bowl.

Instant Pot White Claw Chicken & Rice
via HyVee

With the right drink, you can enhance the flavor of baked goods. White claw can serve as a palate cleanser, either with dinner or with dessert. You can use White Claw to lighten heavy foods such as fried chicken, pulled pork, and Carnitas and add a subtle flavor that plays a complementary role to the food.

Other culinary uses include adding White Claw to the pizza dough or cake batter. Doing so adds a fruity taste that does not overpower your cake’s flavor. For fluffier pancakes, use White Claw in place of milk or buttermilk.

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Where Did White Claw Originate?

Mark Anthony Brands International of Dublin, Ireland, created the White Claw beverage. You may recognize them for another famous drink they made, Mike’s Hard Lemonade.

Does White Claw Hydrate or Dehydrate You?

Like any other alcoholic beverage, the consumption of White Claw daily can cause you to become dehydrated. As a result of its light alcohol content, this drink is often referred to as a refreshing drink. While plain seltzer itself is as hydrating as water, the addition of alcohol inhibits hydration.

Although alcohol increases diuresis – or urination – it is a diuretic. Because of this, people tend to pee a lot after drinking alcohol. The more you pee, the more fluids you lose — if you lose too many fluids without replacing them, you will become dehydrated. By the way, drinking more White Claw will not “hydrate” you. It’s best to consume a glass of water between each beverage to ensure proper hydration (and minimal hangover!).

Is White Claw Budget-Friendly?

White Claw isn’t cheap. Walmart’s website shows it costs about $15 for a 12-pack, or about $1 per can (price may vary depending on where you live). For the sake of price comparison, the same retailer would sell you a 30-pack of Rolling Rock beer for close to $15, which is 50 cents per can.

The average White Claw drinker consumes 2.83 cans per sitting. The average White Claw client spends $26 per week, which might be less than people spend at Starbucks (via Cliff & Pebble), but consider this: for a family of four, a “moderate” food budget (somewhere between thrifty and average) would be $75 per week.

Just like you should count those empty White Claw calories in your diet, you should probably include White Claws in your food budget.

white claw price
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How To Read the White Claw Expiration Code

On the surface of the White Claw, there is no basic date format printed on the cans. Instead, it contains a code that lets you know when the product was initially produced. The freshness of a drink can be determined using this code. The year and month of production are displayed.

White Claw’s expiration code: How do you read it? White claw does not utilize an expiration code, they provide a batch code production date. The batch code is located on the bottom of each can.

For instance, if the code reads ‘A0120XXXX XX:XX FL’, this means the company brewed your bottle on January 1st, 2020. FL stands for the location of the production facility, which in this case is Florida.

Batch Code Example:

XX:XX XX (Time & Internal Digits)
Batch Code Example:




This batch code helps you judge the initial bottling time and determine the optimal freshness of your beverage.

To know the expiration time of the drink, you need to add one year to the date. In such a case, the quality of the beverage would begin to decline from January 1st, 2021.

How Long Does Unopened White Claw Last?

In clearing out your pantry, you may come across a White Claw that has been there for quite some time. There is no doubt that wine gets better with age, so you might be wondering whether this is also true of spirits and beers.

How long can an unopened White Claw last? The White Claw will not spoil if left unopened. This drink contains alcohol, which helps to prevent microbial contamination. Consider how alcohol is used for handwashing, to preserve laboratory specimens and as an antiseptic agent for wounds. 

It is said that unopened White Claw lasts indefinitely without expiring. Due to carbon dioxide leaching out through the seal gradually, the color and flavor may start to change after nine months. White Claw is not like wine in the sense that it does not mature.

Is White Claw good for a long time after opening it?

Since White Claw contains so little sugar (2g per 12 ounces), it has a nearly indefinite shelf life when closed. By opening it, it becomes exposed to oxidation, which alters the taste and colors.

After opening White Claw, how long does it last? White claw should be consumed within four days of opening. After this period, the beverage will lose carbonation, resulting in a loss of quality and a flat taste.

If the seal is compromised, oxidation will increase, resulting in a flat drink. It may not be enjoyable at this point.

How Should I Store White Claw?

If you like easy access to drinks, you may want to store them in your own home for convenient consumption whenever you feel like indulging in a fresh beverage.

If you learn how to preserve White Claw correctly, you won’t have to deal with the disappointment of a bland drink. Your drink will stay fresh and flavorful for a more extended period of time.

Like any other malt beverage, White Claw’s quality can be affected by temperature changes. For malt beverages, there is only one rule: don’t refrigerate, let them get warm, then refrigerate again.

White Claw does not go bad if it is not refrigerated. You can refrigerate a few at a time and restock when you need them from the dozen pack if your fridge is full. The majority of consumers claim that they find it great to drink it after it has been refrigerated. The choice ultimately rests with the individual.

If you purchase the drink when it is already chilled, it is vital to keep it refrigerated. The flavor and quality are affected when it’s already chilled, brought to room temperature, then cooled again.

Is it Safe to Drink Old White Claw?

There is concern about what may happen if drinks contain expired alcohol. The effects that you can experience when consuming old alcohol depend on the type of alcohol you are taking. Even so, expired White Claw will not affect your health in any way.

White Claws over the recommended one-year period may taste bland. In the worst cases, you could experience an intense hangover the next day. Also, you may experience an upset stomach. Thus, it’s best to consume your alcohol within the recommended time frame.

How to Make Your Own (Quick & Cheap!) White Claw Hard Seltzer

HOME MADE WHITE CLAW - Soda Stream Recipe [Low Calorie and Sugar]

You’ll Need:
9 ounces Cold Water
1 1/2 ounces Vodka
A SodaStream
1 1/2 ounces Lime Juice or Bubly Drops

Combine ingredients in the sodastream bottle, attach to the Sodastream machine and tap the button 6 times for adequate carbonation.

Fun Facts & Final Thoughts

  • Unopened cans of White Claw do not expire. Opening it, however, alters its taste and quality.
  • America’s No. 1 seltzer since 2019 is white claw. Gajiwala estimates that the company made 1.5 billion US dollars.
  • Each White Claw beverage has a batch code that indicates the company’s brewing date and month. As an example, A0121XXXX XX:XX FL shows the company produced this drink on January 1st, 2021, in Florida.
  • The White Claw is capable of lasting for many years when closed. Once it’s opened, the beverage should be consumed within 2 to 4 days. Otherwise, you may end up frustrated by a flat taste.
  • White claw experienced a 246.7 percent increase in sales in less than 12 months in July 2020.
  • The way you store your White Claw determines how much enjoyment you will get from it. In order for the quality and flavor of it to remain consistent, you must refrigerate it when you buy it chilled. Keep in mind the standard rule for malt beverages: do not refrigerate, let it come back to room temperature, and then chill again.
  • Alcohol that has expired can lead to a hangover and stomach upset the next day. However, it is likely in this case that the flavors will not be as robust.

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