Living » Did you know? Ad Blockers are Devastating to the Sites you love!

Did you know? Ad Blockers are Devastating to the Sites you love!

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Did you know? Ad Blockers are Devastating to the Sites you love!

Recently ad blockers have become more popular among web visitors, but did you know that these so-called blockers seriously hurt the sites you love and may even cause them to close completely?

What if I never Click Anyways?

Many users mistakenly believe that since they never click on ads anyway that blocking those ads won’t financially affect the site they’re visiting. This is NOT TRUE. The majority of sites, particularly sites like this one, are paid on a per-view basis by something called “impressions”.

This essentially means that when you run an ad blocker and then load 10 different pages, you’ve consumed resources from the site (such as bandwidth, the site platform, software programs, additional mods/add-ons, etc) but in turn aren’t helping to provide any revenue to pay for those rather expensive resources.

Think of it this way, if you went to the grocery store and the prices were suddenly jacked up 40% due to people just walking in and taking the product and other items without paying for them. Like the grocery store, we have to pay for the resources that are provided and used.

Of course, the difference is we don’t charge anyone for those resources, but we attain the amount needed to cover expenses indirectly by showing a few ads.

support the sites you love

Who does it really hurt?

We’re not saying that blocking ads is stealing, immoral, or unethical (although many have argued those exact points), but it does result in less content, degradation of the quality of the content, people losing their jobs, the inability to upgrade or add new features, among other things. As revenue drops many sites are forced into accepting ads from questionable companies, including pop-ups, pop-unders, video ads that autoplay, etc.

For the past 20+ years that our family has operated and offered this site we have avoided intrusive ads (expanding creatives that take over the page, or cannot be closed). Sometimes we get one that misbehaves, but we have it removed as soon as we are notified.

If you’ve been with us for any length of time, you already know that we do everything we can to make the content our main focus and ads as non-intrusive as possible. Out of respect for our visitors and members, we frequently turn down advertisers that we feel are intrusive or overbearing (like roadblock ads!).

Show you care!

If you frequent a site and you genuinely care about it remaining on the web and being a resource that you can visit time and again, please reconsider using your adblocker on that site, or subscribe to it to help cover the monetary expenses of running such a site. Most sites offer ad-free or banner free versions for a modest fee.

It seems these days people are so used to getting things for free that they don’t take into consideration how those items are paid for or the extreme amounts of time and effort that go into producing such a vast site. Maybe ads are annoying, but if you watch tv or read a magazine, you’ll see them- because they’re necessary to cover the expenses without forcing paid memberships for everything.

Food for thought.

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2 thoughts on “Did you know? Ad Blockers are Devastating to the Sites you love!”

  1. Your site should be shut down as I came over to see a article to see if I should read this but your site just put up a useless article on ad blockers and not what I wanted to see so your site should be shut down as ad blockers are needed to prevent virus coming from ads on to your computer.

    • I’m sorry you feel that you are entitled to everything for free. Unfortunately, it is not Free for me to create and maintain this site. It is actually quite expensive. If you’d like to purchase the ebook on how to feed your family of 4 for under $300 a month, I’ll provide you a link. If you’d like to read it for free, Simply whitelist the site.


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