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    Homemade Flower Drying Formula<br/>

    If your garden is producing beautiful flowers and you'd like to find a way to save them or reuse them in your own homemade dried arrangements you'll adore this simple, inexpensive homemade flower drying formula!
    Homemade Maple Syrup<br/>

    While we prefer REAL old fashioned maple syrup like we used to get as kids when we grew up in New England, not everyone has multiple Maple trees in their yard, or time to boil sap into syrup for 20+ hours! So here's our favorite recipe for creating your own inexpensive Maple-Flavored syrup to replace the expensive corn syrup laden store-bought version. . .
    How to make Homemade Ciabatta Rolls<br/>

    Ciabatta rolls are wonderfully crispy and chewy on the outside, but light and airy in the middle, offering larger holes which are perfect for mopping up the juice of stews and soups! For the inexperienced breadmaker, these rolls might seem overwhelming at first, but they're actually simple to make!
    How to make Homemade Edible Playdough<br/>

    Sometimes when little ones play, they have a tendency to eat what they're playing with. As moms, we try to be in 10 different places at once, watching them every second, but things happen and they move quickly. Here are a couple of our favorite Edible Playdough Recipes. Dough recipes that won't hurt your little ones if they eat some or all of it!
    homemade anti-cellulite cream<br/>

    Say goodbye to those unwelcome lady-lumps, better known as Cellulite! If you have "dimply" looking problem areas on your thighs, legs, or belly, then this recipe is for you!
    Learn how to preserve fresh cut flowers using wax<br/>

    Preserving flowers using wax is so easy, you'll wonder why you didn't try it sooner! Of course, here are a few tips to ensure the flowers last . . . ...
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    Here are some tips for making your bouquet last longer:

    1. Flowers always keep best when cut under running water with a sharp (un-serrated knife). Make the cut in the stem at a slant.

    2. Before placing your flowers in a vase, be sure to remove any leaves that would be under water, but avoid removing any thorns (from Roses) as this shortens the life of your rose.
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    Light, fluffy shortcake cookies with a hint of vanilla, bursting with plump juicy strawberry bits in each bite! These strawberry shortcake cookies make it easy to serve a mess free dessert to a crowd or at a picnic!
    All Natural Homemade Talc-Free Baby Powder<br/>

    All natural homemade chamomile and lavender baby powder - an alternative to talc containing commercial powders.
    Think Paying your bills on time will give you the best credit score, here's why you should Rethink that!<br/>

    Paying in Full Each Month Isn't Enough to Maximize Your Credit ...
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    How to Make Snow Removal Tool for Roof

    How to Make Snow Removal Tool for Roof

    If you've seen the video for the avalanche tool, you'll love this DIY project to make your own Snow Removal tool for the roof


    Stuff you need:

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    How to make a Wall Safe for Less than $3

    Don't have a safe? Here's a really easy way to make a super secret safe that only you know about.

    You'll need a blank wall plate and an extra long outlet box


    The easiest...

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    Handy Pop Up Trunk Shelf

    Step 1: Gather Your Supplies





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