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DIY Creepy Halloween Spider from Repurposed Umbrella

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The best part of Halloween is coming up with creative props. Imagine transforming an old broken umbrella into a realistic creepy spider.

That’s precisely what licensed New Jersey Realtor® Christine Pappas (aka Happy Pappy) did, here’s an easy to follow tutorial so you can too.
eerie spider decor 1

How to Transform a Broken Umbrella into a Creepy Spider Decoration

For this transformation you’ll need the following items:
1 An Umbrella
2 Duct Tape
3 2 Large Cans of Expanding Insulation Foam
4 Spray Paint
5 Aluminum Foil
6 Gallon Size Freezer Storage Bag
7 Marbles, Rocks, wooden beads, or fake jewels

1 Strip the Umbrella

Strip the fabric away from the umbrella. It’s not necessary in this project, but may be saved for use in other crafty pursuits. Once the fabric is stripped away, the frame of the umbrella will look something like this:
old broken umbrella 1

2 The Belly of the Beast

To form the body of the spider, cut the edges of a gallon sized Ziploc freezer bag, cut it into a circular shape and affix it the the legs with duct tape to secure it in place.

This part is important because in a few minutes, you’ll be spraying expanding foam and this underbelly area will be holding up that weight until it dries completely.
create spider belly 1

3 Form the Legs

form legs using foil 1
Once the under belly of the spider is complete, form the legs by applying aluminum foil. Add more or less foil as needed to shape each leg, until you’re satisfied with how they look.

Once all of the legs are fully formed, it should look something like this:
body of spider 1

4 Reattach the Handle

Next, gently flip it over and insert the umbrella handle back into the frame. The handle will act as a stabilizer while you’re adding the spray foam to the body.
insert umbrella handle 1

Place the handle into neck of jug or bottle that is filled with water or sand to help hold it in place for the next step.


5 Form the Spider Body

Place a cheap round bowl on top of the center of the plastic to help form the spiders body. You won’t get your bowl back, so don’t use your moms Tupperware!

To form the head, repurpose plastic shopping bags, roll them into a ball, secure them with tape, attach it to the body with glue. Allow the glue to dry fully before proceeding.

foam spider body 1

Spray foam over the bowl to form the body. Then spray over the taped balled up bags to form the head. Once the body and head have been formed, apply the foam to each of the legs. At this point, it’s easier to apply the foam to one side, then allow it to dry completely.

Once the foam has dried, flip the spider over and cover any bare spots with additional expanding foam.

6 Form the Fangs

Form the fangs using aluminum foil. If you need a guide, you can use a pointed ice cream cone. Just wrap the cone, then remove it and fill the hollow fang with Polyfill to give it some body and help prevent it from collapsing.

form fangs with foil 1

Another option for the fangs is to glue pipe cleaners around the edges (so they would adhere better) prime them, then spray paint them black.

Once the fangs are complete, glue them to the face of the dried spider.

7 Paint the Spider

Spray paint the spider whatever color you prefer, allow it to dry completely. Affix marbles, painted wooden beads, rocks, or decorative jewels to further decorate your masterpiece, creating eyes and accents.

spray paint spider body 1

In this project, wood beads were painted black then Christine applied clear gel nail polish to make them shiny, giving her creation a beady-eyed look!

spider umbrella 1

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