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Human Size Crow Costume

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Meet Crocus Crowhurst, a homemade human size crow costume, but honestly, I kind of want to call this a Halloween Eagle! This costume idea was hatched by Jim Douglass, a 62 year old gentleman who spent an entire year creating this marvel.

human crow costume budget101

Crows are seen as a symbol of death and bad luck, but in the spirit of Halloween why not turn them into something fun? This DIY costume is definitely not quick and surely not easy to make, and it certainly put Jim’s creative skills to work.

Human Size Crow Costume in Action

Here’s a little closer view of the wing and tail “feathers”.
human crow costume 2

Just taking a stroll around the pond… for reactions!

human crow costume 3

Check out this wingspan!

human crow costume 4

Could a costume be any more grand than this?

human crow costume

I’m sure you’re dying to see more details about how this incredible costume was made. Without further ado, here’s a brief video showing the vast amount of work that went into it. Paper mache, upcycled cardboard, and lots of patience!

Human Size Crow Costume- How it was Made

We’d like to offer a special thank you to Jim Douglas for sharing his creative, fantastic homemade crow costume with us.

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