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10 Ways to Celebrate Christmas on a Budget

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Christmas is a holiday where families come together to observe holiday traditions and celebrate together. Every family spends time preparing simple meals for the whole family to enjoy together. Family and friends wrap presents for each other, while others organize White elephant parties to create memorable times; Here are 10 ways to celebrate Christmas on a budget!

10 Ways to Celebrate Christmas on a Budget

Three months before the Christmas season begins. Some people already have events planned for this festive holiday, but what if you are out of budget but still want to celebrate?

b101 christmas on a budget

Need not to worry, here are ten ways to enjoy the entire holiday season without spending too much money.

Reuse Old Christmas Decor

One way to achieve your Christmas on a budget is by keeping and reusing Christmas decorations. This way, you can save money on the decor and only spend on presents and holiday food. If you are tired of using the same decorations every year, there are ways that you can repurpose them.

You can redesign your ornaments by adding some colorful glitter, or if you are good at painting, you can paint them with different designs. You can also wrap them with used gift wrappers from your past Christmas presents. This way, you can still look stylish while saving money.

tealight snowman ornaments
Tealight Snowman Ornaments

Aside from reusing old Christmas decorations, if you are located in a place with heavy snow during Christmas, you and your family can make a snow sculpture in your front yard, and it can serve as an outdoor Christmas decoration.

b101 snow sculpture

Creativity is key. There so many things you can utilize to make free Christmas decorations.

Make Your Own Christmas Cards

There are so many printable Christmas cards available online. Choose the card that you want to give to a specific person and print it instead. There is also the option of sending ecards to your families and friends, but giving a physical card is a personal approach that people will surely appreciate more.

b101 celebrate christmas on a budget xmas cards

You want to present your cards to your recipient as long as it is heartfelt, it should be good enough. Just choose a card design that you know the recipient will love, and do not forget to add a catchy quote or a personalized message.

Enjoy Free Light Displays

Instead of installing your light displays, which can be quite costly, might as well bring your family or friends to see light displays to the decorated cities or visit lighted neighborhoods. Some people love to decorate extravagantly during Christmas, and they will appreciate your attention.

b101 christmas light display

This activity is free and will spare you from the tiring and costly decorating your house and front yard for a holiday. You can drive around and enjoy the view inside your car.

There are many cities that decorate during holiday seasons to attract more tourists to their city. These cities will have a different theme each year that you will surely enjoy, especially if you have children. Children love light displays, which makes this activity enjoyable to them.

Play Christmas Songs

Due to the coronavirus pandemic, we have learned to practice the new normal we must follow. Instead of going to Christmas concerts, you can play Christmas songs in the comfort of your home. It will not only be safe for your health, but also it can help you save more.

b101 christmas song fun

Christmas songs bring out the spirit of Christmas even more. You can enjoy the music of the yuletide while setting up and decorating your Christmas tree or while preparing your Christmas dinner.

Additionally, never forget to play a Christmas song playlist during your dinner party. It would be best to hear the music of Christmas as you enjoy each other’s company and the delicious food you prepare.

Host a Secret Santa With A Set Budget

Setting a limit to your Secret Santa items can help you save money. If you do not set a limiting budget for the items, you will purchase expensive items. If there is a limit, you will only buy items within the budget range, and you will not feel ashamed if you give inexpensive gifts.

b101 secret santa on a budget

Everyone is in budget nowadays due to the coronavirus pandemic. COVID-19 has limited everyone’s movements, mostly their work hours, which resulted in a decrease in salary. This only means that your friends or families will appreciate the idea of limiting the cost of your gift items for the Secret Santa.

The most important part of this activity is the act of giving. How much the gift cost does not matter at all. Christmas is about giving no matter how big or small. The laughter and the time you spent together is the most important of all.

merry christmas

Only Invite a Few People

If you plan to host a Christmas party, it is best to limit your guest list to only close family and friends. No matter how tempting it is to go beyond the limited numbers of guests, always remind yourself that you are on a budget to help you motivate on dropping some names on your guest lists.

Christmas is all about spending time with your family and friends that are close to your heart. There is nothing wrong with including random acquaintances or co-workers to your party if you are not on a tight budget.

You can also suggest a potluck party. Ask your guests to bring their favorite Christmas dish to the party. It can save you a lot of money as you will only cook one dish. This way, you can also invite as many guests as you like because they bring food after all.

10 ways to cut the cost of christmas dinner
10 Ways to Cut the Cost of Christmas Dinner

Consider Taking a Personal Loan (Spend It Wisely)

Taking a loan for Christmas expenses might not sound like the best idea, but if you are low on the budget that all of your efforts in setting your financial limit for a holiday still did not pay off, apply for a personal loan to aid you on your holiday expenses. But, do remember that you have to spend the borrowed money wisely.

To have a fast application process, you better get your credit report beforehand to know if you can take a loan.

You can make sure that you will not waste your time in processing a loan where you will not get approved in the end. You can use the borrowed money to buy presents for your parents, children, or partner. Or better yet, opt for a simple Christmas and stay out of debt!

Re-gifting Isn’t a Bad Idea

If you received a gift that you haven’t used, you could opt to re-gift it rather than letting it rot in your attic. Re-gifting is not considered rude if you choose those items that have never been used, and you think the recipient will need it.

gift bags

However, you will not only need to consider the feelings of the receiver of the re-gift item but for the person who gave it to you as well. To avoid hurting the original giver’s feelings, make sure that the item is not personal to the giver, such as items they took great care in choosing or making for you.

Additionally, personalized and handmade items should also not be re-gifted.

Spend Time Rather Than Spending Money

There are so many ways to celebrate and enjoy Christmas without spending a single dime. For gift ideas, you can make personalized or handmade items. It is more personal as you spend time and effort to make it.

b101 last minute christmas gifts
Free Printable Gift Coupon Ideas

Christmas is still months away, so you still have enough time to create personalized and handcrafted gift items to give for the holiday. A handmade gift will be more appreciated than a store-bought as it shows how important the recipient is to you.
b101 simple christmas fun

Be Honest About Your Financial Status

If your financial status does not permit you to spend even a dime, this holiday, then don’t force it. Do not be ashamed of admitting that you cannot give gifts or hosting a Christmas party this year. Always remember that you do not need to pretend that you can afford.

People nowadays are more open-minded than people ten years ago. It is better to accept the reality than drowning yourself with stress and problems that pursuing a costly Christmas experience can result in.

b101 how to celebrate christmas on a budget

The Importance of Christmas

Most people spend money to celebrate Christmas more than the chance of getting together or for gifts and delicious food. Above all, Christmas is a very important event for families of all faiths.

It is an event that is known throughout the world for Christians and non-Christians. Christmas is one of the events that families, mostly children, await each year. It is also an excuse to be with your family and celebrate.

With the current situation we are facing, and the new normal we are practicing, celebrating Christmas will surely be challenging, especially to those who have kids and the elderly in the family. This will be the first Christmas that’s it’s recommended we don’t hug each other.

b101 simple christmas
Simplifying Christmas

Christmas on a Budget Conclusion

It doesn’t matter whether you celebrate the Christmas season with extravagant gifts and decors or just with a simple get together with your family. The most important of all is how you observe traditions and commemorate the occasion. Christmas is not all about fancy stuff, but it’s about giving, loving, and celebrating life.

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