31+ Weird Candy Cane Flavors

31+ Weird Candy Cane Flavors
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Candy Canes are a holiday tradition in many homes around the world, but in our family, we take the tradition just a step further. Each year we add very UNIQUE  weird candy cane flavors to the tree, then … we sit back and watch unsuspecting friends and family figure out precisely what they’ve gotten themselves into!

Weird Candy Cane Flavors

Eat your heart out Baskin’ because we have 31 flavors too! If you’re wondering where you can purchase these amazing flavors, just click on the photo of any flavor that intrigues you!

Like this particularly interesting flavor, it’s all GRAVY my friends, no really, they’re Gravy flavored candy canes!!31-weird-candy-cane-flavors

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In case you’re wanting Dinner and Dessert all in one flavor- here’s Rotisserie Chicken flavored Candy Canes!

This is a fun one to add after viewing the movie Krampus with the kids, a spicy little reminder to mind one’s manners…

Every college student loves PIZZA!

I’d love to be sitting on the sidelines, watching and listening when someone unexpectedly opens one of these Mac & Cheese flavored candy canes!

Wait? Candy that tastes like cookies? Yup, these Oreo flavored candy canes are a new arrival on the candy cane flavor wagon, but we expect they’ll be a major hit, especially with the kids.

Who would’ve thought that Pickle flavored candy canes would be such a hit?! These odd dill treats taste like the real thing, how do they even do that?

If you’re more of a “make your own” kind of person, you could definitely try your hand at making homemade Victorian style candy canes, we’ve done that too!


Our entire household loves coffee, but these unique coffee candy canes really went over well with our friends during our white elephant party!

Who doesn’t love and adore BACON? Well, if you have a bacon aficionado in your house, these Bacon flavored candy canes are sure to be a hit!

Here’s one for those that love SOUR Patch kids, it’s amazing how they can go from tiny little gummies to candy canes bursting with the same flavor!

Another unique blends of flavor offerings these Brach’s Selects Candy canes come in sea salt chocolate caramel, caramel macchiato and hot cocoa flavors!

This one is absolutely fantastic for pranking. I grabbed one of these Wasabi flavored beauties, unwrapped it thinking it was going to be spearmint or peppermint and instantly thought, What fresh Hell is this? It’s wonderful!

You don’t really know what you’re going to get with these Curly Candy canes as they arrive in a variety of flavors that can include Apple Pie, Birthday Cake, Chocolate Chip Mint, Red Velvet, Strawberry Shortcake, Key Lime Pie, Cherry Pie, or Banana Cream Pie!

Another odd flavor option, Blueberry Candy Canes offer a unique addition to the tree, Have you tried them yet?

More Weird Candy Cane Flavors

If you still haven’t found just the right flavor candy cane yet, you can try these interesting options too:

Whether you just like oddly flavored candies, fun and unique stocking stuffers or want to prank someone, these wildly creative candy canes are just right.

We have to ask, what flavor are you trying this year?

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  1. Please tell me where I order these, is there a specialty store somewhere I can go. I have to have these, please please please!!!!!!

    • Please tell me where I order these, is there a specialty store somewhere I can go. I have to have these, please PLEase PLEASE!!!!!!

      To order any of the flavors just click on the photo of the flavor you want, it will take you to Amazon.

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