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November 5 National Donut Day

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November 5th is national doughnut appreciation day. Doughnuts are so good that they actually have 2 days, November 5th and the first Friday of every June.
While today is just national doughnut appreciation day, National doughnut day was first started on June 7th in 1938 to celebrate the soldiers of WW1. The salvation army set out tents for the solders to get doughnuts and coffee, writing things and stamps, and a cloths mending service.

It was a big hit among the men and soon these tents/ huts were referred to as doughnut dollies. The word doughnut was eventually shortened when the doughnut machine cooperation in New York abbreviated it as donut to make it easier for foreigners to pronounce; so they would buy the machines.

While both of these national holidays are unofficial it seems that November 5th was just made as an excuse to not have to wait a whole year before having another national doughnut day. I thank the person who made this happen; it is almost like having two Christmases in a year! Who does not love doughnuts! With the variety of toppings, flavors, fillings, and glazes you are guaranteed to find a doughnut right for you.

So November 5th was announced (unofficially) as national doughnut day so that we the people do not have to wait.
With it being fall a great place to start would be apple cider doughnuts. The perfect doughnut for the season. Glaze it with an apple cider glaze or if you prefer go with the traditional vanilla glaze. Whatever you choose you cannot go wrong, it is simply not possible.

The great thing about doughnuts is the fact that you can customize it to be perfect. You can make any flavor dough; fill it with a jelly, jam, cream or anything else. You can then glaze it, powder it, or coat it. I love doughnuts for this very reason. These are some of my favorite doughnut recipes; I hope that you find them as delicious as I did.

Cinnamon honey doughnuts with raspberry jam
Simple chocolate doughnuts
simple 5 minute doughnut

Remember if these recipes make your taste buds water but for whatever reason they are not perfect. Make that doughnut your own. Add a dash of cinnamon or dunk it in your coffee or coco.

Enjoy it today because you will have to wait till June 7th to have the “but it’s a national holiday” excuse to make more.

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