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Nov 3: National Sandwich Day

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November 3rd is national sandwich day or the birthday of the first sandwich. Did you know sandwiches were created by an avid gambler?
Montagu the fourth earl of sandwich was a devoted gambler and during one of these 24 hour long gambling marathons, Montagu ordered his servants to bring him his meat between two slices of bread so that he may eat it with one hand and continue playing. The first sandwich is born. Since this historic day, hundreds of sandwiches have graced our plate. Of course when we thing of a sandwich one might think of these delicious concoctions.

Subs, BLT, patty melts, clubs, Ruebens, Philly cheese steak, and many many more. Out off all of these sandwiches the simple turkey sandwich is Americas most popular sandwich. I was surprised too as my favorite is a nice juicy burger. Whatever your favorite sandwich may be this National day is for you. For the people who love that one kind of sandwich, to the people who have to have everything they eat between two slices of bread. I myself am part of the latter category and I can make a sandwich out of almost anything. One of my top 10 sandwiches is a bacon cheese burger . It is so simple to make but it is just that good.

But lets not forget that sandwiches are not just bread with something in between it. ice cream with cookies as the “bread” or two chips with dip in between them. These both count as sandwiches in my book. B

eing in college, I have come to realize that I can make a sandwich out of ANYTHING. I have used two slices of melon as “bread” and had a slice of pineapple in between. Or you could make a egg salad sandwich out of the leftover deviled eggs you may have made yesterday for national deviled egg day.

2-3 deviled eggs
2 slices of bread
1 spoonful of Mayo (Optional)

Take your deviled eggs (link it to deviled egg day) and crush them up with a fork. Mix everything together so that it is nice and smooth with small pieces of egg. If your Deviled eggs are lacking in filling and your egg salad has too much egg add a spoonful of mayo and mix that in. When everything is all mixed together slather it on a piece of bread and enjoy!

However you choose to celebrate national sandwich day be sure to check out some of these great sandwiches.

Amatos Sub Rolls
Savory BBQ Sandwich
BBQ sandwich

Egg salad sandwich
Chicken spiedies (A personal favorite)
Cucumber sub
Chipotle Pulled Pork & Coleslaw Sandwich
Frozen Pudding Pop Sandwiches
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