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Acid Burn Victim

If you need to create a quickie costume or special effect in under 30 minutes, here’s a great way to create an acid burn victim!

You’ll Need:
Plain School Glue (elmer’s works fine)
red make-up
Fake Blood (homemade or store-bought)
a pair of tweezers
Q-tips (cottonswabs, etc)
Alka Seltzer
Water Spritz bottle

Drizzle the glue in the area you wish to create a “burn” thin it out and spread it evenly. Let it dry completely. (If you’re in a hurry a hair dryer on low several inches away works great!).


Using a pair of tweezers make pock marks and gently pull away tiny areas (circles) of “skin”.


Use a paintbrush or cotton swab (q-tip) to apply deep red paint to the skin beneath each pock mark.


Crush or grind an alka seltzer with a mortar. Sprinkle the powder on the area and then spritz it with water to get it foam up, looking like acid.


This entire process takes about 20 minutes, depending on whether you use a hair dryer to hasten the glue drying process. In all, it looks fantastic when paired with some make-up applied under the eyes to give them a sunken expression.

Very simple to put together last minute!

The easiest way to remove it is:

Take a warm, wet washcloth with a couple drops of dish detergent lay it across the area for a couple minutes to soften it, then wash away with warm water. It takes 3-5 minutes of it softening to get started. Also, a bit of white vinegar helps to remove the glue quickly.

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