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Werewolf Dog- Halloween Props for Fido

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Want to bring your dog with you on halloween and need a way to transform him into a fantastical beast? Here’s how…

Many municipalities require the use of a muzzle when walking certain breeds of dogs. Here’s one way to follow your city’s code and scare the heebie-jeebies while walking at dusk. This muzzle is designed to allow the dog to open his mouth and pant, it’s loose enough for him to have lots of room, made of non-toxic plastic and a softened leather insert across the bridge of the nose. It’s very lightweight and durable, but Oh so Terrifying!!


Where can one purchase such a magnificent prop? Currently, it’s available here, but can take a little bit for shipping, so order now.

Also, keep in mind that you should “terrify” responsibly, be aware of those you might be scaring and be sure to remain with your pet while using this muzzle (to protect him from scaredy-cats!).

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1 thought on “Werewolf Dog- Halloween Props for Fido”

  1. cool!!!! i like this idea!!! get the dogs walk out of the way and the kids trick or treating at the same time!!

    and it’s an accessory to your costume,win,win.


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