MYO Monster Mud

Many of the recipes, props, and tutorials that are shared to create creepy looking Halloween props are created using monster mud. Monster mud is a blend that is applied like paint to props in order to create a hard shell exterior to make them hold up outdoors. Here’s how to make your own…

Image Credit: The Eternal Wait by Mike_Pants

MYO Monster Mud

What is Monster Mud used for? Well, to create fantastic props, like the Eternal Wait shown above. Cotton Mop strings can be dipped in the monster mud and draped over a plastic skeleton or skeletal prop to create the effect.

You’ll Need:
Drywall Joint Compound
Exterior Latex Paint, stirred well
Drill Mixer Bit

Attach the drill mixer bit to the drill and open the joint compound. This is a prepared compound, not the dry kind that you add water to. The mixture needed is 5 parts Joint Compound to 1 part Latex paint. How much you mix is completely up to you for the project you need.

For example, if you need 6 cups of mix, you’d use 5 cups of joint compound and 1 cup of latex exterior paint. If you need about a gallon worth you’d use approximately 12 3/4 cups joint compound and 3 1/4 c. paint.

It doesn’t matter what color you use, but it is recommended to use dark grey or green, etc to make it blend in easier for your prop. Combine the ingredients in a bucket, Mix with the drill bit until it’s very smooth.

How to Use it

Apply the monster mud over burlap, paper mache, etc painting it on. It will take about 24 hours per coating to dry, so keep that in mind. Do not apply it too thickly or it will crack. Repeat layers as needed.

Watch the Video:

Image Credit: The Eternal Wait by Mike_Pants

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