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August 3rd National Ice Cream Soda Day

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August 3rd is National ice cream soda day. There is a lot of national ice cream something or other this week. Are we complaining? Of course not, We love ice cream, whether it be in a sandwich, sundae, soda, or just in a bowl. Ice cream soda was first seen in
Philadelphia in 1874. There are 4 people who claimed to have created this treat and 2 of them worked together in the same little store. Regardless of who invented the ice cream soda, it was promptly banned by local governments and you were not supposed to have carbonated beverages on Sunday and in some places not at all. This was because vendors would say that they were miracle cures.

Eventually everybody figured out that it was not a miracle cure but they loved them anyway. More and more variations of the drink started to pop up everywhere, and each would have a different name. For example purple cow, a mixture of grape soda and vanilla ice cream, root beer float, snow white- which is a mixture of 7 up or sprite and vanilla ice cream and last but not least, one of my absolute favorites, butterbeer.

To make your own ice cream soda all you need is:

Your favorite soft drink.
vanilla ice cream ( you can substitute this for another flavor if you think it will go together better.)

Take a scoop of ice cream and put it into your glass. If you are using a big glass or you want a thicker drink add another scoop. Now slowly (this is important) pour your soda into the cup. Now if you have poured right you should have a nice glass of ice cream soda that looks amazing.

If you ignored my warning and just dumped a whole can of soda into your glass you are likely cleaning up a mess right not cursing my name. To be fair I did warn you. Now if you feel like being classy, place a straw into your drink. But not just any straw, a bendy straw. This will be the finishing touches of your homemade masterpiece. Drink your ice cream soda (slowly) and enjoy.

Other Flavor Ideas:
Orange Creamsicle: Vanilla Ice Cream & Orange Soda
Root Beer Float: Vanilla Ice Cream & Rootbeer
Grape Crush: Vanilla Ice Cream & Grape Soda
Ice Cream Baklava Soda 2 scoops of Pistachio Ice Cream, Fill with gingerale, drizzle with honey
MYO vanilla ice cream
Brain freeze cure (I did warn you)

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