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National Ice Cream Sandwich Day- Aug 2nd

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Did you know? August 2nd is National ice cream sandwich day. The very first ice cream sandwich was thought to come from a pushcart
peddler in New York around 1900. He was rumored to be selling these revolutionary treats for only a penny apiece!

Since that fateful day in which ice cream was made into a sandwich, the world has put its unique spin on it. Some countries use wafers or different kinds of bread, while others use unique ice cream flavors.


I can recall my mom making ice cream sandwiches by making coffee ice cream and putting it in between 2 halves of a whoopie pie. It was perfect. You would be hard-pressed to find another ice cream sandwich that could rival it.


How to Make an Ice Cream Sandwich

Though there are many recipes for ice cream sandwiches this is all you need to get started:

2 cookies per sandwich- chocolate chip, snickerdoodle, graham crackers, thin mints, etc.
a scoop of ice cream per sandwich- vanilla, chocolate, peanut butter, strawberry etc.

Make sure your cookies are hard enough to be held in your hand without crumbling but soft enough to bite through easily. If your cookies are too hard you will push all of your ice cream out of your sandwich and onto whatever you are wearing. While I am sure Lady Gaga can get away with an ice cream shirt most of us cannot.

ice cream sandwiches

To put your sandwiches together, take the ice cream out and let it sit for a few minutes. You want your ice cream to be just soft enough to mold into the sandwich but hard enough so that it is not going all over the place.

If your ice cream starts to melt to the point where you feel like you are making more of a mess than a toddler with a pack of crayons, throw your ice cream back into the freezer and take a short break.

When you decide you are ready to start again just pick up where you left off. Once you have all of your sandwiches you can either eat them now. Or wrap them and put them in the freezer for a birthday party, BBQ, wedding, National ice cream sandwich day or just because you want one.

Additional Recipes

Here are some additional recipes that may come in handy for you on National Ice Cream Sandwich Day:

Frozen Pudding Pop Ice Cream Sandwiches
MYO vanilla ice cream
sugar cookies
snicker doodle cookies

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