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November 2nd: National Deviled Egg Day

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November 2nd is National deviled egg day. This great tasting treat has a lot of spots in its history, its origin is unknown, even the holiday itself is unofficial. Yep, there isn’t even documentation as to when this holiday was founded! But why should that stop us from celebrating it anyway. I’m not going to question a holiday that gives me a reason to make delicious food.

While this food may have a unfavorable name there is nothing malicious about this dish. When it was first made the spices used to give this dish flavor and make it look so appetizing were spicy and were traditionally called deviled because of it. In some cases the term “angel eggs” were used as an alternative for church functions or when the eggs were stuffed with a healthier filling.

It is easy to answer the age old question “Which came first, the chicken or the egg?. In this, case definitely the egg. The egg has been around for thousands of years and the deviled eggs roots can be traced back to ancient Rome. Served with a choice of oil or wine as a seasoning along with a few other choice spices, deviled eggs were usually the first course in any type of dinner or party occasion.

Now deviled eggs are a great dish for any occasion from a small backyard BBQ to a wedding. With the many different seasonings and fillings, there is a deviled egg (or angel egg) right for everybody.

All deviled eggs start the same, a handful of eggs.

Add your eggs to your pot and fill it so there is an inch of water over the eggs.

Turn the heat on so that your eggs come to a rolling boil.

Once you have reached a rolling boil turn off the heat, place a cover over your eggs, and let them sit for 10-12 min.

To check to see if the egg is done just remove one of them with a spoon.

Run the egg under cold water and peal it, if the egg is not done let the rest of the eggs sit for a few more min. Or, you can check out this simple tutorial for perfect pretty eggs every time!

From this point all you have to do is peal the rest of your eggs, split them in half, and fill and season them as desired. Don’t be afraid to try new seasonings either. While this holiday is not official I think we can all agree that deviled eggs are a great food and deserve a day.

Photo Credit for those delicious looking eggs goes to the ladies of TadkaPasta, check out their Thai Spiced deviled eggs (pictured) here.

What is your favorite Deviled egg recipe?



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