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Ghostly Walkway Lanterns

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Help brighten the walkway for the little ghouls and boys this Halloween with these simple, yet fun ghostly walkway lanterns. This simple last minute walkway idea takes just a few minutes to put together to lead the way to the door…
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How to Create Ghostly Walkway Lanterns

You’ll Need:
Black Sharpie
Milk or Juice Jugs
Glow sticks

Draw faces on the jugs, color them in completely with the black sharpie. Snap a glowstick into action and drop it into the jug, add water to the top, cap it off and line the driveway.

If you don’t want the glow stick to float around you can apply a string of hot glue to the stick, drop it in the jug, turn the jug to get it to stick where you want it, let it dry a moment or two, then add water. Or simply glue the stick directly to the inside of the jug cap.

You can use multiple colors and draw alien eyes for a more eerie effect.

In order to make your glow sticks work longer, freeze them overnight first. They seem to last several hours longer if they’re activated while they’re frozen.


We’d love to see the spooky faces that you come up with, feel free to share them in the comments below.

An alternative to the glow stick would be to cut a small hole on both sides of the bottom of each jug and thread some orange or black holiday lights through the jugs, then plug them in for an even brighter light.

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3 thoughts on “Ghostly Walkway Lanterns”

  1. This is a really cute idea! I have time to save the milk jugs, because we go through a LOT of milk. I should have enough to line our entire driveway, on both sides, by the time Halloween arrives.


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