Simple Lawn Ghost Decoration

Here’s an incredibly simple way to transform your yard into a freaky ghostly gathering!

To make your own Lawn Ghosts You’ll need:

Cheap Plastic Drop Cloths
White paper, newspaper or even leaves to stuff the heads
6 or 8 Lengths of rebar- 3 to 4 feet high (or Garden Stakes)
Clear packing tape
a bunch of older outdoor white
Christmas Lights with a long extension cord

1. Hammer your rebar into the ground in a circle formation.

2. Cut lengths of drop cloth double the height you want your ghosts

3. Form the head by balling up paper. When you have a large enough ball place in the center of stretched out drop cloth section.

4. Gather the drop cloth and cover the paper forming a head, almost as if you were covering a lollypop
5. Place “head” of rebar and wrap packing tape around plastic to form neck

6. Randomly cut up from the bottom of the plastic to form ribbons

7. Gather at the waist area and tape again Your ghosts should now look like armless lollypop dolls at this point.

8. Cut several long strips of dropcloth to form arms. These are crisscrossed and tied arround chest area, then each “hand end” is knotted to the next ghost’s “hand end” to look like they are holding hands.

9. Place your heap of lights on the center and plug in!

This was a Pinterest share that I saved last year!

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