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Flip Flop Costume Idea

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This makes a great costume for a pair, or you can have a single flip flop, as seen here. This costume is relatively simple to put together, here’s what you’ll need . . .

Pool Noodles (these will become flip flop straps)
Measuring tape (or not)
material in any color you have or like (you can use an old sheet if you want!)
4 pieces of styrofoam (or a pool noodle cut into 4 pieces)

First measure the person who will be wearing the costume on a large piece of cardboard. Just place their backside towards the bottom of the cardboard so they would still be able to walk. You can lay the cardboard down on the floor and then drawn the shape according to their height.

Then draw a flip flop around each person making sure we have a left and a right flop!. Then, cut out the cardboard and then trace a second shoe for the back of the shoe. This is optional, but really adds depth to the shoe and also stability so it lasts all night.

Again, have the person who will be wearing the costume lay down on the cutout and marked up around their heads and made marks where their arms would go through the sides.

Next you,” use the four pieces of Styrofoam for stability at the bottom. We hot glued them at the bottom of the back of the cardboard.
(Make sure the Styrofoam is wider than your child so they can slide into the costume easily).
We then bent cardboard in the U shape and hot glued it around the top of the cardboard. We then used the hot glue and fastened the front of the shoe to the Styrofoam and cardboard.

Now, glue your material around the sides and top of the flip flop. I left 12 inches of material at the bottom of both sides. I had also cut out the front of the happy face material and the back out of black material. I also left a foot of material at the bottom of both of these to wrap under and hide the styrofoam. Next, cut a hole and slide in the pool noodles to make the toe and then made two smaller holes about half way down and hot glued the pool noodles into these holes.

Now, gently slide on the costume onto the person who will be wearing it and cut an X for the arms to slide through. Add four small cardboard strips inside with hot glue and attached a pair of suspenders to hold the flip flop steady so it won’t flop all around. I added a flower with a wire and the costume was complete.

Total Spent: $12

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