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Instant Head Gash Effect

Need a Fantastic last minute Head Gash Effect for Halloween? This effect takes less than 10 minutes and looks very realistic!

You’ll Need:

1 T. Clear Gelatin
1 T. Boiling Hot Tea (brewed to match your skin tone)- this is what “colors” your faux skin
1/4 tsp Liquid Glycerin
Fake Blood
Red body paint/makeup

On the forehead, paint a red triangle, this is your “gashed” area. Stick as close to the hairline as possible, you want the hair to drift into the gash.

In a small bowl mix the clear gelatin, boiling hot tea and liquid glycerin, stirring well. This mixture will VERY quickly become a translucent fake skin, once it’s cool enough to handle, roll it gently between your fingertips to create “skin rolls”.

Place the skin rolls on each side of the “bloody gash”. Add a couple drops of fake blood and let it run down.

There you have it, instant head gash wound in under 10 minutes flat.

The photo is my teenage son who wanted something quick before he headed out with friends for the evening.

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